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Comment We don't eat horses in the UK. (Score 1) 9

We're a funny lot in the UK. The English are particularly strange. I should point out that I was born in the fine county of Essex, England. We don't eat horses. We don't eat dogs. We don't (on the whole) eat veal. And we definately don't eat Blue Fin tuna. However, we do produce veal.... we just ship it to Europe. What we don't eat gets turned into dog food. Similarly, we have alot of dear (venison), but instead of eating it ourselves, we (again) feed it to cats and dogs. I don't know if we export horse meat, but I'd wager that we do..... we just won't eat it ourselves. Me? Well I'm English.

Comment Standard Practice in Uk Schools Now. (Score 1) 12

UK Schools now routinely use the "Data Protection Act" or "Privacy Concerns" to prevent parents taking photos of their children at school plays, sports days, assemblies, award ceremonies, etc. Actually, the "Data Protection Act" doesn't have anything to do with this. The schools are petrified that one pervert might come into their school and take photos of kids and upload them to some sicko website (Myspace, Facebook, Bebo???) and get the school a whole load of bad publicity. When I was recently "told off" by my daughter's Karate instructor for taking photos just before a grading (she got a green belt), I did feel like saying "Where exactly in the Data Protection Act does it say I can't take pictures of my children?". Of course I didn't, I wanted my child to be able to take part. However I was denied the opportunity to have any photographic record of her achievements. There is also the fact that many schools make money out of videoing these events and selling the DVD's. The schools are just protecting a revenue stream. There's nothing to stop the perverts buying the DVD and having a jolly good hand shandy over it. Where's the "Data Protection Act" now?!!

Comment Re:ITER is not EU (Score 1) 173

Does anyone ever read TFA at slashdot, or do any research before posting a comment. Oh... sorry, this is slashdot, of course they don't! The iter website actually lists the consortium as "China, EU, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the USA". Indeed if you want to get a job there, you need to be citizen of one of those areas. I'm British, which is (just about!) part of the EU, so I'm eligible. As it happens, they also include Switzerland with "EU", even though it isn't. The ITER project builds on the developments at JET and other fusion projects..... which have been looking for a way to get fusion working for along time already. Considering the potential benefit, the time and effort is worth it. Actually, I think it will take us that long to get to grips with the potential outcome. Imagine the disasterous consequences to the global economy if oil and gas were suddenly made worthless! Has anyone thought of doing the financial modelling of the possibility that ITER is successful?!

Comment Re:Sophos (Score 1) 359

Sophos's main website is www.sophos.com. Sophos is the solution I have chosen for the company I work for. The "Enterprise Console" stuff requires a Windows server. As it happens, Sophos had a centralised administration system called "InterCHK", and that could be used with a linux server (that's how I originally set it up), however the new tools are Windows only (shame). I recently evaluated NOD32: I came to the conclusion that the centralised adminitstration wasn't as good as Sophos, so stuck with Sophos (despite the Windows Server issue). I should point out that I still occasionally get computers which get compromised..... it's always the "Road Warriors". We've not had a virus enter through the main network since I've worked here. I should add that the gateway is a linux box and it scans emails using ClamAV.
My vote: Sophos (but you're gonna need a Windows box to run the "Enterprise Console" on.

Comment Re:Palm lost the plot years ago... (Score 1) 247

Indeed. Palm is dead. If you have shares in Palm sell them quick while they're still worth something. Shame really. Actually, ironic really, since it's Apple who is really hammering the last
nail into the coffin..... remember, it was Palm that took the PDA concept from Apple and made it work. Now Apple has retaken the last of that market and killed it. Poetic justice I guess.

Comment Outlook imap bug. (Score 3, Informative) 481

Outlook has a cute little bug associated with IMAP folders and using more than one mail client..... Outlook will send a "The email was not read" read receipt if the email is deleted from the imap folder before you've read it in Outlook... even if you tell Outlook not to send read receipts. This is rather annoying if you routinely use an alternative email to delete your spam. The next time you load Outlook it sends out a load of read receipts to the spam merchants, therefore confirming you (my!) email address.

P.S. Check out:
here. It's not just me!

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