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Comment Re:ah... (Score 1) 271

If you store anything on the internet, what you are storing is a number. People most certainly are allowed to recreate the number 462826674840809873425894986513859764213550 even if I have declared it to be my own and stored it in a house with unlocked doors.

That's the same combination I use on my luggage! Takes me forever to get into my suitcase though...

Comment Horrible idea... (Score 1) 143

There was also one case of an arrest. The New Haven Police Department attributed initial reports on SeeClickFix to a sting operation that led to an arrest of two drug dealers selling heroin in front of a grammar school

Surely it's better for the kids to be able to get their heroin from the safety of their school steps than to make them travel to a seedier part of town, isn't it?

Comment Portland (Score 2, Informative) 143

Portland has been doing such a thing for a few months now through an iPhone app appropriately named "City of Portland Citizen Reports". Allows users to upload photos with descriptions and tag them with GPS coordinates. The description pulled from the iTunes page:

Citizen Reports is a direct result of Mayor Adams and the City of Portland’s call for more open data and interactions with the citizens of Portland. Citizen Reports is used by citizens to report and request service calls to city assets and infrastructure, including issues with parks, pot holes, traffic lights, street lights, catch basins, and graffiti. Additional city assets and service request types will be added over time.

Using an iPhone, citizens can access this easy-to-use interface to the City of Portland’s issue reporting infrastructure. Citizens select the type of issue to report, take a photo (or upload an existing one), geo-locate the issue via GPS or interactive map, add comments, and send their report directly to the responsible bureau for resolution. Citizens can also view issues they have previously submitted and check the status or resolution of the issue.

Citizen Reports is a small but important step in allowing citizens to participate in expediting the City of Portland's awareness and resolution of various issues. Citizen Reports is available for free within the Apple App Store.

Comment Re:(off-topic) (Score 1) 27

It appears I left out a step in my post, part of the logic that I thought obvious and unnecessary to state.

You did state that the sight caters to the godless left, correct?

I happen to disagree, and think the site caters to the right much more than it caters to the left. I do agree, however, that the site caters to the godless -- because so much of the content here is user-driven, and quite a few of us are godless heathens.

As evidence of my belief that slashdot caters to the right, I posit that you'll find hardcore righties here as well as the godless lefties you mention. And given that one of the editors here is a vocal hardcore rightie, without a vocal hardcore leftie to balance him out, I think the editorial slant of the site is hardcore rightie.

Comment Re:Quite the opposite (Score 1, Insightful) 397

"Yet iPhone dominates Android in the market."

Danger! I detect starry eyes! Well, it's that or out of date information.

Except for the fact that it happens to be true.

The truth is that Android phone sales are on a rocketship headed straight up. If they stay on pace Android handsets are expected to surpass the iPhone in 2011 or so.

If bacteria continued their growth at the same rate during their early growth phase, the entire universe would be made of bacteria in no time.

"Starry Eyes" indeed.

So Apple's iPhone is ahead yes

In other words, I'm correct.

Is it technically accurate to say that iPhone is "dominating"? Arguably yes, but to use that to justfy everything else you wrote is laughable in light of the competitions performance. It's also funny to hear about iPhone "dominating" when it's getting it's ass thorougly kicked by Symbian and RIM.

The iPhone is dominating them as well. Units shipped is a poor metric. Apple is by far the most popular smart phone in terms of usage, in terms of apps, in terms of customer satisfaction, in terms of profitability. You name it.

The iPhone is sexy and mostly functional but it is not the final word in smartphone development, it's not even close.

You're right. Year after year Apple finds a way to improve upon the smart phone, surpassing their last product.

However, it's pretty undeniable that Apple is the market leader. The only metric they don't have covered is most units sold.

Or put differently, do you not think there's a single handset make who wouldn't jump at the chance to trade places with Apple? There isn't.

The only real competition that Apple has right now is Google, and Google isn't competing on quality, but quantity, and they're presently even losing *that* battle. When they're not, that'll be an interesting milestone, but also largely irrelevant as Apple will still be the premier handset maker.

This is because Google doesn't care about quality or handset profitability. What they care about is ad revenue, and to get that, they need the *broadest* customer base they can get, not the *best* customer base, or the most directly *profitable* customer base, just numbers. A game which they are still losing at, btw.

Comment Re:Quite the opposite (Score 2, Insightful) 397

Since Apple never intended their OS for use on non-Apple hardware, and since Google never intended Android to be exclusive, these are indeed inherent traits, by the definition of the word.

This is part of tinkerability. You can put Android on whatever you want, including a PC.

If I buy a PC preloaded with Ubuntu, am I now tinkering?

Choice in hardware manufacturers is. If you want to break that out from tinkerability, I have no problem with that, but it doesn't really change anything.

Buying a shrink-wrapped product and using it without modification is never tinkering, period. This isn't being broken out to placate me personally. It is simply the proper uses of the words.

I think you're abusing the tinkering label to make your point, and I think you've gone so far with it as to strain logic.

As far as the bulk of your post discussing CDMA, that's not inherent to the iPhone, it's simply an implementation decision. There's nothing about the iPhone design or philosophy that precludes building a CDMA handset. In fact, the iPhone was originally offered to Verizon, to run on their CDMA network. But they turned it down.

The inherent philosophy behind the iPhone is, and has always been, 'the iPhone user experience'. Aka 'my way or the highway'. This specifically precludes using anything other than the stuff shipping out of Cupertino. If the new iPhone switches to TCP over Carrier Pigeon, you have no choice but to accept it, should you wish to stay on that platform. With Android, this cannot be - and this is intrinsic in the very concept.

This changes everything.

Comment Re:Heroin? (Score 1) 143

My sarcasm detector is on the blink today, so ignore me if you were just being sarcastic.

Let's execute them. Haphazardly selling something seriously deadly for ingestion is akin to poisoning people.

You want the death penalty for brewers, distillers, tavern owners, bartenders, and liquor store owners and their sales clerks? More people die from alcohol overdose than overdose of all other drugs combined. Cigarettes kill almost all their users, too.

And if you want to kill yourself, or engage in risky behavior, how is that any of my business?

Comment Re:I have a right to expect a pony for christmas (Score 1) 195

They were doing the same thing then, they were just called fiscal conservatives.

They were marginalized by the neocons, told to STFU, and did what they were told.

There wasn't any ratings in covering them.

Ratings? Newspapers got ratings? And when is "news" dependant on ratings?

Conservative protester are pretty boring and lack a good hot-chick ratio.

They're still boring, even at tea parties. The fact is, the teabaggers are simply there to get Democrats out of office. If they weren't newsworthy then, they still aren't.

Comment Re:Then fuck it. (Score 1) 351

First of all I was referring to many people here in the U.S. specifically fox but many of its followers. Second Ahmadinejad is not worth mentioning he can't have his post without permission of Khameni.I think allowing the purchase of billions of dollars worth of oil from 'tin-pot' dictators everyday is more damaging than looking 'pathetic' I'm just not sure pleasuring the king of Saudi Arabia with all of his oil money is hurting him as much as we would like to think. As for the emperor of Japan I'm not sure he is a tin-pot dictator anymore. Those are the only two cases I know of so one tin-pot out of how many does not exactly qualify as every one. Also for those non tinpots would it hurt for the U.S. to treat other world leaders as equals? I mean they are all leaders of their country and sometimes we can't just demand things sometimes asking for them works a lot better.

Comment Re:No shit sherlock (Score 3, Interesting) 157

Your analogy is close, but just a little off. If the movie marketed itself as having Natalie Portman starring, without her permission, then they are in trouble. If they used a digital likeness, but at no point said that it was Natalie Portman, then you've got the same situation as the games.

In these games, they have nameless players, that just happen to look a lot like, play a lot like, and wear the same number as a real former/current player for that same team. This allows the hypocritical NCAA to license the game without breaking their own rules that players can't be used to endorse products.

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