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Comment This was in Viz comic years back (Score 1) 645

Yep, life is imitating art here. I remember a silly (fake) article in the Viz comic, that was basically this exact same thing. In the article it stated that Paul McCartney demanded royalties as someone was heard walking down the street whistling Penny Lane or something.

Brilliant stuff.

Perhaps PRS need to properly define "Public Performance"? I think it's fair that if someone is making money from performing someones elses music, the original artists should get a cut of it. If, it's a very low-key event making little money I really think it harms society.

Comment Build your own Hi-Res monitor (Score 1) 295

How about this:

1. attach lots (and lots) of these together
2. send them all a small portion of a film (the picture not different parts of the film!)
3. then stick them all together, ensure they play in sync (somehow).

Hey presto! Huge hi-res LCD display...for free (I mean, all the left over magazines will be useful...maybe make a paper mache housing for your new 'TV')

Comment Re:how dumb (Score 1) 241

To make matters worse, it seems that 'the older generation' are being convinced into purcahsing lesss secure operating systems. Case in point: I built my mother in law a debian based desktop machine (she only wanted to use facebook). Yet, somehow she was convinced to purchase a laptop (she only uses the machine at a desk) with Windows Vista. She now has 'a virus' and has had to pay PC World money to fix it.

Idiot. And to think my son shares genes with her...don't tell my missus I said that.

Comment Re:Open vs Closed (Score 1) 269

I think a lot of people are just slaves to consumerism. Here's my story:

My wifes mother wanted access to this 'Facebook' that everybody's talking about. However, she didn't have a phone line and didn't want to be tied to ANY contract or anything of course she didn't want to have to payout loads of cash either. So, I put together a PC for her from bits I had lying around, a very decent Pc as it happened: P4 1.8Gighz, 1Gig ram, Nvidia Gforce4 graphics. I installed Ubuntu with the netbook remix interface (she had never used a PC of ANY kind before but had used a mobile phone). I also bought her a 3 Mobile broadband Pay As You Go dongle. Set it all up, away she went.

A week goes by, she checks facebook, find recipes on google etc. Great, I think, a job well done and another linux user (who doesn't even know it). Great, until she announces that she's buying a laptop because "the computer is too bulky" (meaning the CRT and base unit is too big - even though she has a huge room and even bought a new desk to accomodate the PC!).

So, there you go, even though I had provided her with a perfectly working PC the lure of consumerism was too much and the 'need' to spend some money will create another Windows user!

Well, I'm not doing windows technical support so she can forget that...

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