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Comment It's not the frequency, it's the penetration (Score 1) 318


But seriously folks, it's not that Apple releases updates several times a year that's the important bit. It's that those updates are available instantly, worldwide, to everyone, on every carrier, to every device younger than about four years old, and the update process is so easy and convenient that everyone (close enough) installs the updates.

The biggest install base for iOS is always "the latest version". The biggest install base for Android is what, Honeycomb? Shit.

Comment If any platform can (Score 1) 404

you can bet it will come from Samsung. Samsung's the only phone manufacturer the world not named Apple that's making money, and the only reason it's able to do that is by relying on an operating system controlled by the company that owns Motorola. That's not a situation Samsung can be happy with.

Prediction: Samsung will fork Android, buy Android, or build its own OS from scratch.

Comment "the company makes about 10.8 billion per quarter" (Score 1) 173

In what universe?

Here's Amazon's latest financial release:

Here's the important bit:

Net income decreased 45% to $97 million in the fourth quarter

Amazon is barely breaking even. Whether or not this is an intentional strategy is another discussion, but it sure as hell ain't making 10.8 billion a quarter. It's not even making ONE HUNDREDTH of that.

Comment Re:Trademarks not constitutionally enabled per se (Score 1) 272

Here's why:

Last year, a fake Apple store in Kunming, China featuring the white Apple logo and wooden tables drew widespread attention after a blogger wrote about visiting it. The store looked so authentic, even the upbeat salespeople thought they were working for Apple. Chinese authorities quickly ordered the store to close, as well as more than 20 others that were selling Apple products.

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