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Submission + - Secret Software on Millions of Phones Logging Ever (

Token_Internet_Girl writes: Last week, Wired featured this story mentioning Carrier IQ, a software program present on millions of Android, Nokia and Blackberry phones logging their user's activities. Now it seems Android Developed Trevor Eckhart has released a video confirming what was suspect about the software in the first place: That a complete record of all activities on the phone are being monitored and sent to Carrier IQ servers, without user consent.
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BioWare's Star Wars MMO To Have Space Combat 122

An anonymous reader writes "Big news for Star Wars fans looking forward to BioWare's upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG — space combat has been confirmed for the game. Players will be able to fly around the galaxy in their own personal starships, avoiding asteroid belts, landing in dangerous territory and battling other vessels. The initial news makes it sound like a cross between Mass Effect's galaxy map and a traditional space fighting game, where players will have to find 'hotspots' on the galaxy map in order to enter a particular zone."

Child Receives Trachea Grown From Own Stem Cells 103

kkleiner writes "Doctors at the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) along with colleagues at the University College London, the Royal Free Hospital, and Careggi University Hospital in Florence have successfully transplanted a trachea into a 10 year old boy using his own stem cells. A donor trachea was taken, stripped of its cells into a collagen-like scaffold, and then infused with the boy's stem cells. The trachea was surgically placed into the boy and allowed to develop in place. Because his own cells were used, there was little to no risk of rejection. This was the first time a child had received such a stem cell augmented transplant and the first time that a complete trachea had been used."

Comment Then again (Score 1, Informative) 248

I can understand why most of you think this could be FUD, but here's my argument against that position:

If a company propositions a service, not just any service but an EXPENSIVE one, what legitimacy is there in advertising a feature of that service that the tech doesn't even do and isn't required for them TO do?

Now, in the response, Best buy stated this in relation to the 3D aspect: "3. Make sure your 3D glasses work - some solutions we sell need TV settings adjusted so that 3D glasses are enabled - there are both 3D and non 3D settings for viewing." Making sure the glasses work and syncing them are TWO different exercises. To me, I see an overzealous advertising agent who saw an opportunity to throw out some buzzwords for sales. I don't buy the stupidity excuse, Best Buy knowingly takes advantage of its customers and has done so for years. Just my two cents.

Submission + - Best Buy Offers Bogus 3D Sync Service (

Token_Internet_Girl writes: "Fewer than two weeks after Best Buy offered the first Full 3D HDTVs for sale in the US, its latest Sunday circular (3/21/10) promotes a Samsung 3D TV deal consisting of a 55 3D TV, 3D capable Blu-ray player, 2 pairs of glasses, a Blu-ray movie and Geek Squad delivery and installation. The ad states the service includes TV and Blu-ray player set-up, connection to your wireless network and 'sync your 3D glasses for an amazing experience'. The package price lists the geek½Â services as a $150 value. The offer’s only problem is that there is no such thing as syncing 3D glasses. They sync automatically." You can read more about this story here, and Best Buy Corporate response to this hilarity here.

Comment I think (Score 1) 578

We spend too much time on the subject of time. How can we really ever know the true nature of time if we are limited by our perception of it as human beings? All we can see is the Entropic version of time this guy discussed; things are in state one, the state changes with chemical reactions and energy release, then they are in an irreversible state. Time is a byproduct of this basic law of Thermodynamics. Personally I'm of the mind that the true nature of the universe eludes it because there are forces or concepts we are yet incapable of perceiving. But I'm only a novice in Physics, I could be wrong.

Comment Re:Of course... (Score 4, Interesting) 284

Also, we put up with alot of gruff from the army of fat male nerds that populate most video games. Most assume that girls can't play as well as men, which is not particularly true, in my experience there are an equal number of bad female and male players. For me personally, I go out of the way to see that I'm not just mediocre at a game I love, but that I excel in it. That way, if someone says HURR YOU'RE A GIRL, I can say "So what? I kicked your ass last night in RvR"

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