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Comment Re:Of course... (Score 4, Interesting) 284

Also, we put up with alot of gruff from the army of fat male nerds that populate most video games. Most assume that girls can't play as well as men, which is not particularly true, in my experience there are an equal number of bad female and male players. For me personally, I go out of the way to see that I'm not just mediocre at a game I love, but that I excel in it. That way, if someone says HURR YOU'RE A GIRL, I can say "So what? I kicked your ass last night in RvR"

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1, Offtopic) 282

You're an ignorant jerk. Many, many women are in the range of 5'7-5'10 and are athletic in nature, does that mean they shouldn't eat a 3000 calorie a day diet if their bodies need it? They would consume more than the average male 6ft tall with a sedentary lifestyle. There is no "general" statement when it comes to the dietary requirements of a female, and bottling it as "anti male victimhood" just shows your intelligence level.

Comment What (Score 1) 114

So basement dwelling scientists developed what body language is considered interpretable? Great, a whole legion of robots that interpret licking the Cheetos crust off your fingers before your code compiles as the universal signature of an Alpha male.

Submission + - Cars That Drive Themselves (

Token_Internet_Girl writes: "Wouldn't it be nice to get in your car and be able to read the news or take a nap without the constant stress of actually operating the vehicle? Well, the driverless car, an idea that's been germinating since the 1980s, is getting a little closer to reality thanks to an E.U. project called SARTRE (the acronym stands for Safe Road Trains for the Environment—no apparent connection to existential philosophy, except that you'd have more time for it)." In addition to this brief article, you can read the project's press release and information here.

Comment Another passing fad (Score 1) 215

I can't reasonably see devices like the Kindle being nothing more than a technological fad unless the costs come down for purchasing a unit and subsequent books. Many users of said devices say they are flimsy and break easily, and several months ago there was the controversial story of the 1984 book deletions by Amazon: Why not just carry around PDF's of books you legally own on a Netbook?

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