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Comment Re:If I were (Score 1) 125

Except there are patent lawsuits everyday, about the dumbest of things between companies large and small, from patent trolls versus small and big businesses to big giants fighting each other.

Trying to argue it's not in the news everyday is a terrible example, and you know it, because news only cares about getting money, so whatever is the most interesting gets aired.

Comment Re:WTF Google (Score 2) 386

What is gonna happen if you're upset by Google? Are you gonna stop using their products? The money doesn't come from any of their free services, it's the advertisers. You'll be disappointed if you expected nothing else from a free product than to be disappointed when it doesn't bring any more money.


Video 'Freedom of Information, Finally Made Easy' by MuckRock (Video) 43

The quote in the title is from And that is exactly what MuckRock is all about: Making FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests for you (and investigative reporters) so you don't have to deal with the often-daunting paperwork and runarounds you may run into when you try to pry information out of a recalcitrant government agency. In theory, most government information is public. In practice, many local, state and federal government bodies would just as soon never tell you anything. This is why Tim Lord talked with MuckRock co-founder Michael Morisy, and why we're running this interview in the middle of Sunshine Week, which exists " educate the public about the importance of open government and the dangers of excessive and unnecessary secrecy."

Video RSA: Phish Me If You Can (Video) 171

Spearphishing. The deluxe (but easy) way to get unwary employees to put malware on your network. It's basically the same as phishing, except more targeted. That is, a plain phishing scam might offer an unwary web-browsing employee a chance to see a famous starlet naked, while a spearphishing attack might purport to be an urgent request from your Bizzaro County office for 200 Kg of Unobtainium Oxide. Open that email, and... ZAP! So this is social hacking (cracking for the old-timers), and cannot necessarily be fought entirely by technical means. So how about setting up fake spearphishing attempts and immediately sending employees who fall for them to an IT security class with an emphasis on how to avoid phishing scams? You can do this yourself, possibly with help from a bright person or two from a nearby University. Or you can contact PhishMe or another anti-phish training company and have them help you teach spearphishing awareness to your people. Either way, every computer-using person in your company should know about phishing -- and should know how to avoid getting hooked by phishers.

Comment Re:Why the online restriction...?? (Score 5, Insightful) 569

To sum up:

1) To prevent you selling the game. I'm guessing that there is some unique key for the copy you bought tied to your online profile.


2) To make you have to upgrade when they shut off the servers for SimCity 5 when they launch SimCity 6. EA are known for this. Anyone tried play FIFA 2011 or The Sims 2 online recently...?


3) To try and stop piracy. Instead of just having to activate online, which could be bypassed by some enterprising cracker, now bits of the game need a connection to actually function. Makes the job of cracking it more difficult I guess


I think it's pretty obvious why it will not sell well and yet another series dying (Dead Space 4 being cancelled because of poor sales of 3) because of greed.

Comment Re:Bad Summary (Score 4, Informative) 255

Coal and oil have their own hidden costs that are not apparent on any balance sheet and not easily calculatable.

Pollution has many known health effects. While a nuclear plant does pollute as long as the radiation is contained its effect is much smaller. With air pollution you have increased healthcare costs due to the treatment of any lung issue that arrises just to start, as well as increased Earth temeperature due to greenhouse gasses which makes us use more electricity which makes more pollution... etc.

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