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Comment Re:May we have some new antibiotics? PLEASE????? (Score 1) 140

If I had mod points, Interesting would be my first click

But I have to wonder why people get infections in the first place. Was it that back in 1992 there were less people seeking medical treatment? No. But plausible. Could it be that healthcare is now run more like a fast food joint where patients are in and out in no time in order to increase bed turnover and, in turn, profit for the hospitals and medical groups? Absolutely.

Comment hmmm... (Score 1) 477

Some programs that are relatively simple and should load next to instantly, I can see this argument fitting. But when you get into larger, more bloated programs (E.g. Anything using Java) should have the splash screen just to keep me from double clicking on the damn launcher again and let me know it's thinking about loading.

Comment Re:Could use the real internet eh! (Score 3, Insightful) 241

Because that would be somewhat unscientific. A lab setting is controllable and you would be able to trigger and know where latency is coming from and how to correct certain behaviors in software. With the real internet, it's anyone's guess where lag is coming from.

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