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Comment Re:And there was much rejoicing !! (Score 4, Informative) 176

T-Mobile is very profitable. Deutsche only wants out because it's no longer in growth mode. It certainly won't grow any without spectrum and LTE, and it can't afford either one. So yeah it will be sold or merged one way or another, but it's not a bad business. They can ride their faux-G network for a while but not forever.

Comment Re:Bargain (Score 5, Insightful) 735

If you leave everybody benefits. You gain a better commute, better pay and more opportunity. The old company's two junior programmers will benefit from new responsibility. The company will survive just fine without you believe it or not. If they really need you perhaps they can pay you a small retainer to consult for a few months.

Bottom line, don't ever hold yourself back.

Comment Re:backblaze (Score 1) 251

Agree with the Crashplan advice. I spent a lot of time using manual scripts and ssh, but the time I've saved with Crashplan has been well worth it.

- It supports local backups as well as remote network backup, in one interface
- Runs unobtrusively
- Linux, mac and windows
- The UI is easy to understand and schedule.
- If you really need to, encrypt your important stuff to a truecrypt volume and back it up like you would any normal file.
- Inexpensive

Comment Re:ssh is the same (Score 1) 298

That's a fine idea for private systems. For private servers I use only ssh with certificates. Poof, hack attempts are gone.

For a public facing FTP server the idea is to keep it easy. It should work with any FTP client out of the box with no configuration. In this case your only defense is to pick real username and long, quality passwords.

Comment Re:Horse (Score 1) 313

Sorry but I can't agree with you. Expectations could never have been so high if the first two movies were not so genius. I'll never forget that moment in the theater watching "Phantom Menace" when the thought crossed my mind..."This movie sucks." It was an utter letdown. We were all violated by a marketing machine, and we were angry.

And they really were genius. Of course, I was just a kid back in 1977 but even in later viewings those movies were pure gold. To me, that shit was REAL. We cared about the characters, all of us did. I mean, Han Solo fucking shot a guy in a bar. Arms came off! Uncle Owen and Aunt Berew were slaughtered and their corpses set on fire. These bad guys were BAD and the fate of the universe was at stake. This was legitimate cowboy space-opera magic.

That's why the new movies are so hated, because we bought in and then our childhood memories were raped for money. Fuck you George Lucas!

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