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Comment Re:Looks good! (Score 1) 122

"The irony here is that Mir, which is is seen as a huge competitor to Wayland, could end up helping Wayland enourmously since Canonical doesn't seem to be afraid to pick up a phone and call people at AMD/Nvidia to talk about updating the drivers."

Well, no, Canonical is not afraid to print loud press releases about how they're talking to AMD/NVIDIA, couched as confusingly as possible to make it sound like AMD/NVIDIA are already confirmed riders on the Mir train. It's a publicity exercise. I'm sure the Wayland developers are in touch with AMD/NVIDIA as well, they just aren't as cynical as Canonical about trumpeting it loudly in press releases.

Comment Plug can't support ZFS (Score 2) 87

Unless the "plug" has a lot more RAM than your average plug-in device, Plug can't support ZFS either. ZFSoL has a minimum RAM recommendation of 2GB. ZFS also has the overhead of checksumming, which on modern non-embedded CPUs isn't a problem, but on an embedded system, present a significant overhead.

ZFS is an enterprise filesystem; it's not designed for low-end hardware.

Comment Re:Eh? (Score 5, Informative) 193

The thing you're missing is this part:

"While HP describes the backdoors as being usable only with permission of the customer, that restriction is part of HP's own customer-service rules - not a limitation built in to limit use of backdoors."

i.e. there is not actually any kind of technical restriction on the use of the backdoor, there is no actual customer control over it. When they say 'we can only use it with the customer's permission' what they mean is 'we told our reps only to use it with the customer's permission and we hope they do what we say, and no-one else finds it, so now...oops'.

Comment Re:Some people are tougher than others (Score 1) 57

Your scrawny friend had what's referred to as neuromuscular strength and it has nothing to do with aerobic conditioning, and yes, it can be trained. Your friend also probably had lots of what's called "fast twitch" muscle fiber. The proportion is somewhat determined by genetics, but can be influenced by training. There are many, many measures of human strength, power, and endurance. There's three energy systems, as well - neuromuscular (1-15 sec efforts), anerobic (few minutes) and aerobic (10min and up.)

Comment Re:about those taxes (Score 1) 413


You don't pay a "road tax" in the United States. You pay registration fees, which do not even begin to cover the cost of the roads - they merely cover the cost of handling the paperwork related to your vehicle and license. Property taxes and income taxes pay roads in virtually the entire world over.

My bicycle does not weigh enough or generate enough force to cause any wear on a road surface. I ride on bike paths that haven't been paved in 20-30 years and look brand new.

  Your vehicle, especially since you're overcompensating for your small dick by having a big truck, causes enormous road wear. The wear you cause is a fourth-power function of weight.

Dumb hick.

Comment might have been able to find a better rider (Score 2) 58

As someone who has started learning about power and cycling - this was a job for an cat 1 / "elite" racer, or at least someone significantly lighter than the guy in the video. I ride pretty regularly but not competitively, and I'm able to do about 300W for a minute. That's piddlesticks in the world of racing, for my weight.

A sprinter would be able to put out massive power (probably 5-7 times what I can do) but sprinters also tend to be heavy. Someone who isn't a sprinter would have less power, but could weigh 50lb less. There are cyclists who specialize in races with climbing, mostly through being light, pacing themselves properly, and having excellent technique.

I'm wondering how much of a warmup he did - in order to do an effort like that, you really do need to be properly warmed up.

Comment Re:Pot, quit calling that kettle b**** (Score 1) 1448

Card hasn't just 'expressed an opinion' on homosexuality (or specifically, homosexual behaviour), he has advocated that it should be made illegal, those engaging in it should be punished by the state, and the government should be overthrown 'by any means necessary' in order to achieve this.

That is a horse of a different color.

Comment Re:Really?!? (Score 1) 1448

It depends what you mean by 'tolerance'. So far as I'm aware, no-one's called for OSC to be thrown in jail. People have just loudly disagreed with what he says, and advocated not giving money to him. That's a fairly big distinction, and one most beautifully pinpointed by the A.V. Club article on the topic:


As a gay person, am I willing to 'tolerate' people who believe that being gay is wrong or whatever? Sure. I don't want OSC sent to prison for thought crimes. Am I willing to 'tolerate' people advocating that homosexual activity be criminalized and I be thrown in prison? Well, it depends what you mean by 'tolerate'. I wouldn't want to forcibly prevent him from expressing his opinion, but I certainly don't think anyone should 'tolerate' it actually happening, or any form of violent revolution to cause it to happen, as OSC has advocated (see above). Am I likely to spend money on his stuff? Nooooope.

"Besides, OSC's SF books have nothing to do with his views on a totally orthogonal societal issue."

Um. Perhaps you haven't read his books closely enough. All of OSC's fiction is very deeply tied into his views on 'societal issues'; that's basically what he writes about. It's least obvious in Ender's Game, but he has, for instance, written an *entire series of SF books* which was a retelling of the Book of Mormon.

Comment DUI kills more people than intentional homicide (Score 2) 413

18,000 people died in 2006 from DUI crashes.

That's 4,000 more than homicides. So yes, it's pretty "heinous" and should get "insane" punishment. The problem is the punishments aren't insane enough; they sound "insane", but the criminals just get right back in their cars and kill/main more people.

Every time you get behind the wheel and you're drunk/high, you're loading a handgun with a bullet, spinning the chamber, and pointing it at innocent people on the road, and pulling the trigger.

The difference is that you're very often driving to a store where they happily sell you that gun and bullet knowing full well you're going to get into your car and play roulette with it.

No gun store in the country would sell you a gun knowing you'd do that, yet millions of bars serve patrons who drove to their establishments, knowing full well they're going to get back into their cars, drunk.

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