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Submission + - Nokia's cut secret Linux Developing Linux-based OS (

vu1986 writes: ""The Linux-based OS was most likely an insurance policy in case Nokia’s big Windows Phone tie-in didn’t work out, but now Nokia’s going to start making cheaper Windows Phones too." Now the team is "posting “team profiles for investors” as well as personal CVs, so it’s quite likely that they could come as a package.""

Submission + - Dvorak blames Apple for his '07 call to kill the iPhone in its cradle (

netbuzz writes: "Longtime tech pundit John Dvorak wasn’t the only one to predict that the iPhone would fail prior to Apple’s public release of the device on June 29, 2007, but he may have pushed the most chips into the center of the table with a column that carried this headline: "Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone ... Company risks its reputation in competitive business." Five years and a technological revolution later, Network World asked Dvorak – and seven others who called the iPhone’s future wrong – to explain their miscalculations. A few tried putting lipstick on the pig, a few simply copped to blowing it, and Dvorak devoted 500 words to laying the blame on Apple — and what he sees as a lapdog press corps – for making him speculate about a device he hadn’t held. “When I actually got to see the phone I was enthralled like everyone else,” he writes, “and regretted getting screwed over by the Apple ‘machine.’”

Full Dvorak at "Link to Original Source"

All 8 explanations here:"


Submission + - Apple Yanks Mac Virus Immunity Claims From Website (

redletterdave writes: "Apple quietly lifted part of Steve Jobs' famous "reality distortion field" on Sunday, switching out a statement that claimed its Mac computers were completely immune to viruses with a less-forward statement: "It's built to be safe." The PR shift comes in the aftermath of the Flashback Trojan, which affected hundreds of thousands of Macs back in early April."

Comment Re:Epic Ballmer Quote (Score 1) 712

Also, won't consumers get confused with the two different versions that look nearly the same but do not run compatible software? Really think they should have taken the lesson from Apple, if you want to get into tablet release a tablet OS and stop trying to recycle Windows, it hasn't worked out tremendously well in the past and it's not likely to work out that well in the future.

Comment Epic Ballmer Quote (Score 1) 712

"With Windows 1.0, we needed the mouse to complete the experience," said Ballmer. "We wanted to give Windows 8 its own hardware innovation. Something new, different, a whole new family of computing devices from Microsoft." This kind of confirms to me my initial impressions of Windows 8, like Windows 1.0 the experience was incomplete without a mouse, Windows 8 is lacking without a touch screen. So why, oh why are they pushing the Metro interface into the server market as well? Does anyone here managing an IT department see a time when this is the predominate desktop environment in their shop, much less in the data center?

Comment Coffee Miracle (Score 1) 205

Recently I have seen all these reoccurring stories about how coffee prevents a slew of different forms of cancer, specifically prostate and colon, so I have taken to giving myself hot coffee enemas (3 cups per the articles recommendations) every morning. So now based on this speculative and partial study I am concerned if this is enough, should I continue on my current path or start a coffee IV drip instead?

Comment Re:so? (Score 1) 89

While I agree changing the passwords is the first step in deployment, but (as to your example) why would you install your security devices on the same network as the rest of the building? A little network isolation goes a long way, restrict access to that network to your security personnel. Running an entire hospital on a flat network topology would seem to me to be fairly retarded on the part of whoever is engineering your deployments.

Submission + - Trojan Hides In Angry Birds Game (

berlinerkindl writes: Malware authors are using the popularity of the Angry Birds series of games as a way to infect the smartphones of users who download the exploit from unofficial Android app stores, according to a security software firm.

In a 12 April post on SophosLabs’ NakedSecurity blog, Graham Cluley said the Trojan horse masquerades itself as the Angry Birds Space game. When downloaded, the malware installs its malicious code onto the device.

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