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Comment Re:so? (Score 1) 89

While I agree changing the passwords is the first step in deployment, but (as to your example) why would you install your security devices on the same network as the rest of the building? A little network isolation goes a long way, restrict access to that network to your security personnel. Running an entire hospital on a flat network topology would seem to me to be fairly retarded on the part of whoever is engineering your deployments.

Submission + - Trojan Hides In Angry Birds Game (techweekeurope.co.uk)

berlinerkindl writes: Malware authors are using the popularity of the Angry Birds series of games as a way to infect the smartphones of users who download the exploit from unofficial Android app stores, according to a security software firm.

In a 12 April post on SophosLabs’ NakedSecurity blog, Graham Cluley said the Trojan horse masquerades itself as the Angry Birds Space game. When downloaded, the malware installs its malicious code onto the device.

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