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Comment I'd love to try Google+: where's my invite? (Score 1) 213

I've been using Google a long time, back even when it was nothing but a web search engine. When Google Mail first came out in its not so public form years ago, I managed to wrangle an invite from a friend of a friend, and I have happily used and enjoyed almost all the Google apps that have come out since. I log in to Google several times a day, constantly use Books, Earth, Maps, Docs, Blogger, and will miss Health big time. Chrome is my default browser. Google knows, or must know, how much I love their apps, I use them every day.

So,.... where's my Google+ invite? Five, 10, 20 million people have already been invited and joined up, even a bunch of them now banned. Seems like a lot of celebs were given one. Even invites given to their competitors. A lot of you have been given invites, and many of you don't even use or like Google. Hate them, even. But you got one. I don't want one of yours, I want an invite from Google, where I should be getting one from. But what am I offered? This https://services.google.com/fb/forms/googleplus site for to sign up for only news about when Google+ may soon be ready, and maybe some day, just maybe someone within Google will condescend to pass along an invite to a poor unknown long time Google user, maybe after about half the fricking world have already been given an invite. No one I know has an invite, no one they know has an invite, either. Just where are all these invites coming from?

Thanks, Google, for the consideration after all the love and support I've given you all these years. >:-(

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