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Comment Re:Honestly? (Score 2) 220

You can enable the "save tab prompt" when quitting. I saves all open tabs and you get re-logged automatically into the sites you were logged in when FF restarts. I close random tabs to leave only the tabs I need to work open when I restart because FF takes to much memory. about:config, preference browser.tabs.warnOnClose, browser.warnOnQuit, browser.warnOnRestart

Comment Re:Really looking forward to ESR 17 version! (Score 3, Funny) 220

One of my coworkers installed native Linux on his laptop with a VMware Windows machine on top that's running the IT department official versions, which let him max out the hardware RAM and lets him do most of his work from Linux, which was at least somewhat helpful.

I used to do the same in 2002. Funnily enough, IT support guys would come to my desk to install stuff and I had win NT running in a VM fullscreen and the IT guys never realized I was running linux as the native host.

Comment Re:Particle problems, too? (Score 1) 80

At that altitude, the pressure is about half that of sea level. So to pressurize the building, you would have to do so by several psi to bring it down to something a little lower.

well, 1/2 atmosphere = 7 psi.

5 psi should be enough,

8 psi causes stress on en airplane fuselage but planes have to be light. Submarines can stand 1,500 psi and above...

My point is that it just might end up being cheaper than fixing/adapting every piece of equipment individually, in a never ending quest. Who know?

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