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Comment Re:A contrived test: old phone, old operating syst (Score 2) 155

But you're assuming that everyone who had an older phone ran out and ditched it the moment the new ones came out and thus there are no older iPhones with older software in use.

Oh wait... we're talking about Apple. Ok, yeah, everyone DID immediately ditch their old phone the moment the new model came out. Nevermind.

Comment Re:turn it off (Score 1) 259

compromised software - that is the key.
If they decide they want to use your phone as a bug, I wouldn't be too surprised if they could root your phone or change the firmware so that when you push "off" it gives you all of the usual "off" sounds and screens and goes blank... except.

It has to still be active in some way for it to know when you press "on," after all.

It's not like any phones have an actual physical off switch that literally physically opens a circuit. A sliding switch that goes "click?" I haven't seen one of those.

Comment Re:Loopholes (Score 1) 525

Even the experts say the liquid thing is BS.

And we go though the whole thing because some numbskulls in the UK were fantasizing about doing "something" and had some notes referring to the idea of making a bomb from liquids. We hyped these wannabees who had no real knowledge or expertise nor probably any actual intent as "terrorists" and hyped thier "plot" curing a politically convenient time to make it look like we were doing important things... when in fact the "underwear bomber" was a genius in comparison... and now we're stuck with these insane limits.

I was in line behind a guy thatn the TSA agent threatened to arrest because the ziplock he had his 3 oz bottles in wasn't the proper one-quart size, and he had a chapstick not in the bag. The TSA guy put the chapstick in the baggie so it would not be so dangerous.


Fighting TSA Harassment of Disabled Travelers 525

An anonymous reader writes "A man with a neurological disorder is currently pushing the TSA to release a full list of its policies and procedures after a series of incidents in which he was harassed while trying to fly. His condition requires medical liquids and causes episodic muteness, and the TSA makes his encounters very difficult. From January: 'Boston Logan TSA conducted an illegal search of my xray-cleared documents (probably motivated either by my opting out or by my use of sign language to communicate). They refused to give me access to the pen and paper that I needed to communicate. Eventually they gave it to me, but then they took it away in direct retaliation for my using it to quote US v Davis and protest their illegal search (thereby literally depriving me of speech). They illegally detained me for about an hour on spurious, law enforcement motivated grounds (illegal under Davis, Aukai, Fofana, Bierfeldt, etc). ... TSA has refused to comply with the ADA grievance process; they are over a month beyond the statutory mandate for issuing a written determination.'"

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