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Comment Comcast (Score 2) 273

may not ever use account termination as a way of enforcing this, but I certainly will use account termination as a way of dealing with it.

That thing where they tell you you have to call them?
That call will be to cancel my service.

(and no, I don't use torrents, (except steam) but that hardly matters)

Comment They routinely say... (Score 1) 1313

...'The American worker is the most productive in the world!"

Of course, if they really meant that they'd leave the jobs here... and they don't.

But what does that mean? "Most productive?" That's measured from the standpoint of the company. Not from the standpoint of the worker.

For the worker, "most productive" means your work effort gains you more than for others. For the company "most productive" means that your work effort gains THEM more than others.

"Most productive" measured from the company standpoint means you do more work for less pay.

"Most productive" means "most overworked, most underpaid."
(which I actually doubt, seeing as China still uses slave labor and political prisoner labor.)

Comment Is this like "on the internet?" (Score 1) 134

Is "with 3d printing" the next "on the internet?"
Like, can I get a patent for making a plastic spoon "with 3d printing?"

If I want a REALLY strong patent, I can have people design their personalized spoon "on the internet" which is then automatically made "with 3d printing."

My patent will be double-protected and bullet-proof!

Comment Re:hmmm (Score 1) 333

I just invented a real-world application of the same thing Google is patenting here.
Real world sorting of items for disposal.

The way it works is there is a marker on the piece of trash. A triangle with a number in it. I will use my brain program to check that marker and decide whether the article needs to be put in the recycle bin or in the regular trash.

I'm gonna be rich!

Comment Re:Who owns the asteroid? (Score 1) 265

yeah but they are talking about capturing one and putting it in earth orbit.

The energy needed to go from earth orbit to... thud... is a lot less than what it would have taken to get it into earth orbit. Plus if "dropping" was their intent from the start, the first nudges could just as easily place it on a path to collide as a path to be in position for rockets to fire to place it in orbit.

Bottom line is that their plan (which is nonsense) wouldtake so much energy that if they can pull THAT part off, the "dropping" would be the easy part.

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