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Comment MS executives have been touting this for years (Score 2) 635

Fromt the Wikipedia page on Windows Phone:

Microsoft's General Manager for Strategy and Business Development, Kostas Mallios, said that Windows Phone will be an "ad-serving machine", pushing advertising and brand-related content to the user.

It looks like this is a core component of Redmond's business plan in all their OS offerings.

Comment American Worker is Doomed (Score 2) 116

First it was self-serve gas pumps. That relegated the station attendant to a cash register operator.

Then they implemented gas pumps with credit card readers. No need to interact with a human running a cash register. Fully automated fuel stations.

Now, we've got a huge new industry being invented, and they're not even including humans in any part of this transaction. No one to ask what grade of fuel to use. No one to check the condition of the wiper blades or upsell the satellite owner on a new air filter. Probably going to have NFC chips on the satellites so there's not even a credit card to swipe to charge the customers for the fuel.

I gotta get on the horn to my congressman today. This is going to be too efficient at the cost of jobs. We need to employ a human operator up there or else there is no hope of the unemployment rate dropping below 7%.


Comment Re:Get used to it (Score 1) 34

"....and watching how that movie director Robert Rodriguez successfully preaches low-budget artistic control vs. bigger-budget studio-control has taught me how raw talent, motivation, and perseverance can still succeed against 'the odds'."

That dude hasn't made a worthwhile movie since Sin City. He uses low budgets as an excuse for making crappy movies. There was no reason Predators had to suck with that budget. It was all him. He's infatuated by Hollywood's adoration of him. Crammed so many celebrities into Machete, he bloated out the story to fit them all in. Should have turned the camera off when Booth was killed. That was the end of the story that mattered. Same with his career.

Here's a wonderful music video Robert Rodriguez shot that may-or-may-not be self-aware that it's the story of Rodriguez banging a Hollywood Starlet (Rose McGowan) and then stressing over whether or not his kids from his divorce will accept the younger woman. Bob Schneider plays the Robert Rodriguez role while Kat Demming fills in for Rose McGowan. His kid plays himself in the video. I can't tell if he's tipping his hat to Nena with the release of the red balloons at the end or is just outright ripping the ending off.


Comment Re:What the fuck (Score 1) 295

I'm really in agreement with the thrust of your comment here. Just wanted to add that SilverLight is also something developed by Microsoft under Ballmer that will probably deserve to be included in your list.

Some people might argue that courier doesn't deserve inclusion because it wasn't actually released and supposedly Bill Gates was the one who killed it because it didn't support MS Office. Another perspective might be that it was the product in your list that Ballmer should have championed and with the proper support it could have defeated the iPad. Not my perspective, but probably some zealots out there might make this claim.

Oh, hell. We should also add Ballmer's "Windows Store" initiative to the list while we're dogpiling failures here.


Comment How much pot do you smoke? (Score -1, Flamebait) 612

I admit that I am really reaching into something that might be very personal and I apologize in advance. I wouldn't even prod you with this question out of respect to you if it were not for my overwhelming need to confirm or disprove my suspicions.

Are you a complete stoner? Do you smoke pot every day all day long? How do you think your life might be different if you had stopped smoking pot in your mid-twenties?


Comment a bit more info (Score 1) 151

A good example is a test db box for testing your SQL scripts. Such a box can have the exact same software, OS and patches, and with equivalent database configuration and schemas, but on lower-cost hardware and with a fraction of the data.

I don't want to pick nits here because Luis is giving out a lot of very valid information and observations here. Just want to take it one step further.

Mirror the production environment DB with an identical amount of data. The data doesn't have to match row-for-row. But the test environment DB should have the same scale as the production DB. Here's why: If you want to run an alter table or alter index command, you want a sense of how much of an impact that is going to have on the database before running the operation in production. If you only have 10k rows in the table in test and run the command, it'll complete pretty quickly. You run that against a 2-million-row table in production, depending on the vendor, that could mean a table lock that takes down your production environment until it finishes (could be hours). Been there. Done that. It ain't pretty.


Comment Re:TFA missing some crucial ingredients (Score 4, Insightful) 288

Vision? Apple just waits for technology to reach a point where they can stick a really good UI on it.

By this myopic definition of 'vision' no company in the technology industry has it.

Every company out there is taking advantage of economies of scale for their components. Sure, they could invent their own processor from scratch and put it in their own laptop they designed from scratch and satisfy your definition of 'vision'. Production of the CPU will be on such a small scale for the device, that the per unit cost will be very high. Then the device based around it will be unattractively expensive. Few units would sell.

Here comes Apple with more money than anybody else. They bring a feasible economy of scale to this problem. If they want a custom LCD display that is non-standard per the rest of the industry, they front the manufacturer the money to build the factory and staff it with enough resources to churn out millions of displays per year, thereby making the per-unit cost of the LCD's fit with the pricing model of the device designed around it.

The only other company that can do this is Samsung, and that's why Apple is trying to curb-stomp them in the courtroom. Samsung makes displays, CPUs, memory, etc. and was drafting off the scale of Apple's orders from their factories to produce their own price-competitive devices. I suppose your definition of 'vision' would have Samsung as a visionary company.


Comment Re:Samsung? (Score 1) 288

The iPad hasn't had near the effect on the market the iPhone had so while it is notable it isn't really what the GP was getting at.

Did you see that little newspaper article about a year ago where the CEO of HP said they were considering leaving the hardware business? Do you know what part of the inspiration for that might have been?


Comment Re:"PC Makers" (Score 1) 622

How much RAM can you put in your Macbook? Tell me about the speed of the discrete, modular SLI GPUs. How is the performance on any Apple computer compared to any PC at the same price?

I can install 16gb of ram in my i7 Macbook Pro 15".

The performance isn't what this discussion is about. It's the premium features and fit-and-finish available on Apple products. This debate is about whether Apple products are Mercedes vs. Dell's Hyundai car analogy.


Comment advice for a better video (Score 2) 47

This could have been a much better video. Roblimo doesn't understand how to gather compelling content. Ughhh!

He talked to the robotics engineer asking him all kinds of questions about stuff nobody is excited to learn about - "How many people are on your team at UT?" "Why doesn't the school let you use their laser cutter?" A better direction would have been to ask the guy how the laser cutter works and how the pieces it was processing would fit into the robot project. That was completely missing.

Also, half the video was about some card game. Less than 1% of this video is about 'hacking' anything and 99.9% is about the social aspects of the ATX Hackerspace. This is a missed opportunity for Slashdot to create relevant content.

If you are going to ask visitors to spend 11 minutes of their lives looking at your video, you better make it worth it. This isn't.


Comment Re:Geez, just ask the NSA (Score 1) 229

This time they don't want to be as dumb as they were in the past when they let our nation's enemies have all the information they need about the attacks we were doing to them. In this case, once they find out exactly what it's doing and can determine if it's some retarded hacking team that wants to steal CC info or it's something the government's involved in.

Hmmm... Checking the Kaspersky website to verify the location of the company headquarters reveals their definition of "our nation's enemies" might not match up with that of chemosh6969's definition.

The companyâ(TM)s headquarters are located in Moscow, Russia, from which it oversees global operations and business development.

This distinction might explain why Kaspersky was responsible for unearthing Stuxnet, while MacAfee, et. al. were pretty silent about it.

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