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Comment Mac mini for internet, xbox for netflix (Score 1) 304

I got a mac mini for $600 and a wireless keyboard and mouse for $75 (old style apple keyboard, cheap wireless mouse) and a $20 lapboard to set them on. I use it for hulu and browsing, and my wife uses iPhoto to upload photos to social networking sites. For netflix we use an xbox because that's the only way you can get netflix in HD afaik. I've tried playon and boxee and other things, but if you want a browser you need a regular old computer.

Comment Re:To be fair... (Score 1) 402

Except that I can try on pants before I buy them. Why should I make several trips to the store trying to find a device that works. We are talking about convenience here, and returning an item is not convenient, especially at walmart where waiting in line to do a return IS a complete nightmare.

Comment Re:I blame apple (Score 1) 440

You know 4 other people who own a mac? Cost isn't really the issue here anyway, the issue is that Apple is no longer supporting an OS that they were selling just 3 years ago.

I could pay to upgrade to the latest OS, but I shouldn't have to so soon, especially not for security updates or software compatibility. The new features from a user perspective are non-existent. Time machine, virtual desktops, and stackable dock icons? Come on Apple...

Comment Re:I blame apple (Score 1) 440

The OSX updates are service packs, with windows I get that for free. I also ran windows xp from 2002 to 2009 after which I upgraded it to windows 7 for $40. (Costco 4 pack shared with some friends) So that's 40 bucks after 7 years (with 3 free service packs in between) 10.4 -> 10.5 was $129 iirc and came out late 2007 and is not any bit faster than 10.4 (in fact it's slower, I have it on my mac mini I bought back when I didn't realize apple screws it's customers over year after year) 10.5-10.6 is $29. So that's $160 in 3 years compared to $40 in 7. No brainer...

Comment I blame apple (Score 1) 440

This is the OS that came with my 3 year old macbook and it's already no longer being supported. Most recently I had to compile subversion from source just to get the latest version running (universal binaries for subversion are no longer available for the latest release.) Apple should know better and release these updates as part of some sort of "service pack" if you will. If this were Microsoft's operating system the haters would be all over it, but I guess since it's Apple, I should have been expected to replace my laptop with one running the latest OS last year.

Comment Both (Score 1) 466

Might I recommend both? For me the second course you talked about is the easier one, but I absolutely loved my discrete math course. If anything, both courses teach you how to approach and solve problems. Good skills to have for any programmers. While you are at it, if it isn't already required I'd suggest taking some physics for scientists and engineers as well as some calculus courses. Trust me, I was in your shoes a few years back and won't say it wasn't hard, but it was definitely worth it.

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