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Comment Re:550+ Godaddy domains and staying (Score 1) 203

I respect your decision, but must ask you to think a bit about the larger picture of GoDaddy themselves.

Not only have they come out in favor of a law that allows any company to claim copyright infringement and get a whole domain blacklisted easily, but GoDaddy has also engaged in other negative customer-hostile acts such as selective DNS "blackouts", which at least in the past resulted in the entire country of China being cut off from all domains using GoDaddy DNS.

They've also been accused of not paying overtime for their employees.

Also, keep in mind that with SOPA, GoDaddy still hasn't made an attempt to have their name removed in Congress as a supporter of the bill, so their "reversal" is just a publicity stunt.

Do you really wish to reward a company that's engaged in some fairly unethical behavior and also some behavior that is targeted specifically toward getting their customers to pay them more by degrading their services unless one pays? The company has shown a pattern of making choices that favor itself at the expense of its customers. SOPA may not be in your circle of concern, but their unethical behavior certainly should be.

Still, at the end of the day it is your choice.

Comment Re:And more importantly... (Score 1) 364

On modern Linux DEs, it would be similar to the Alt+F2 shortcut that pulls up the "run command" box. On KDE4, at least, you can do the very same thing by having documents and such show in the results as well. I actually like this change that Microsoft made as it really does improve starting an application or loading a document.

Comment Re:Samsung Captivate (Score 1) 302

I have the Vibrant (the T-Mobile's variant of the Galaxy S) and have no problems with generic Micro-USB cables. Specifically, I have used the ones sold by Monoprice, and they have a huge block of plastic on them behind the plug instead of the thinness of the one that comes with the phone. Perhaps your cable is malformed in some way. Have you tried a different cable?

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