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Comment Re:Well that's good. (Score 1) 54

Sorry, I don't buy this for more than 10 milliseconds. D-Link customer in Mumbai has an attitude that the customer is a dummy, and when he calls in to get some help with a real problem, he either gets the brushoff, or they ask for the seriel number and suddenly discover the device I bought new from Wally's (I'm out in the puckerbrush, Wally's is as hi-tech as can be driven to locally) a week ago was sold, then returned as defective over a year ago by another dealer , and has been marked as having been destroyed in their records. So I asked for an email confirming it, took the router and the email back to Wally's, got a 100% refund and mail ordered a Buffalo Netfinity that I had to reflash with a real dd-wrt image since their branding covered a menu item I had to have access to.

The next D-Link product that crosses my threshold will be after I hear reliable reports that hell has frozen over a year ago and pigs are using it for an airport runway. IMO its dd-wrt all the way down.

Comment Re:City of Vienna, anyone ? (Score 1, Informative) 234

Brilliant. Every time I've been forced to not pick up poop, it was because I didn't have a bag, not because I wanted to (and where possible I always go back and get it later). I've had my dog shit three times on one walk. I'm really tired of hearing "solutions" to problems created by psychopaths. This "solution" using poop and DNA utterly lacks empathy towards dog owners, and that's what psychopaths do. There are better ways.

Comment Re:What could go wrong? (Score 1) 162

Harmless eccentrics? Hardly. It's a matter of magnitude, though. I don't think either is something positive, but given that it seems I only get to side with a police state or pedos, I can only side with the lesser evil.

Hey, I didn't start with the black and white game. I just know how to play it...

Comment Re:I have a thought about where this all came from (Score 5, Interesting) 287

Governments not only back money, they also want to control it. For good reason (at least good from their point of view). At the very least they want to control its flow. Money is a tool for control, maybe the easiest. You can incite people, you can convince people, you can inspire people to do your bidding, but the easiest way to make them do it is money. Given enough of it, you will almost certainly find enough people to do what you want to happen.

Now, if you not only control who you can give money, but who anyone else can give money, control is yours. Not only can you make people do your bidding, you can deny others the same.

Comment And before the "but the criminals" comments come (Score 2) 287

"But then criminals will have a way to transfer money completely anonymously, too"

Newsflash: They already do. Their "problem" is just that it's costly. They need to employ quite a few mules and split the money. That's fine and dandy if you're getting money from blackmail where it doesn't matter whether you get 90% or 70% of the illegal assets you squeeze out of your patsy, less so if you are trying to run a legitimate business.

What? Oh, why someone would like to buy anonymously even if it's legit what he buys? Well, maybe because he doesn't want anyone to know that he's buying porn or (legal) drugs, that he buys information certain entities do not want him to have. There's plenty of stuff that is perfectly legal to buy, sell and possess, but embarrassing.

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