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Comment Re:Wozniak and Snowden are just political dissiden (Score 2) 166

Well, people laughed at me when I complained in 1990 about how we're losing something important when the USSR crumbled and how it protected our freedom by proxy.

Because as long as there have been those evil commies with their lack of freedom, our leaders needed to keep their white hats shiny so we knew who were the bad guys. Today, why bother with it, it's not like you have any other system you could run for.

Comment Re:This wouldn't be a problem (Score 3, Funny) 166

Dude, if the founding fathers could see what came out of their dream, they'd probably go "why bother" too.

And you better don't ask "What would Jesus do". I'm pretty sure it would be along the lines of "get nailed up there for THOSE idiots's sins? Dude, I'm Jesus, but there's even limits to my compassion!"

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