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Comment Re: singularity (Score 1) 96

This comment is more insightful than funny. I doubt a machine could ever reproduce this condition. When is the last time you met a stupid person? Sure, at the time I'm it was very frustrating. But even to this day, you remember a lot of them, and it makes you feel good. Doesn't it?

Submission + - Industrious dad finds the genetic culprit in his daughters mysterious disease (

bmahersciwriter writes: Hugh Rienhoff has searched for more than a decade for the cause of a mysterious constellation of clinical features in his daugther Bea: skinny legs, curled fingers and always the specter that she might have a high risk of cardiovascular complications. He even bought second hand lab equipment to prepare some of her genes for sequencing in his basement. Now, he has an answer.

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You mean you didn't *know* she was off making lots of little phone companies?