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Comment Re: singularity (Score 1) 96

This comment is more insightful than funny. I doubt a machine could ever reproduce this condition. When is the last time you met a stupid person? Sure, at the time I'm it was very frustrating. But even to this day, you remember a lot of them, and it makes you feel good. Doesn't it?

Submission + - Industrious dad finds the genetic culprit in his daughters mysterious disease (

bmahersciwriter writes: Hugh Rienhoff has searched for more than a decade for the cause of a mysterious constellation of clinical features in his daugther Bea: skinny legs, curled fingers and always the specter that she might have a high risk of cardiovascular complications. He even bought second hand lab equipment to prepare some of her genes for sequencing in his basement. Now, he has an answer.

Comment So what's the problem (Score 1) 39

The article on robot controlled data centers received warm reception. This article seems more critical. It simply explains what Amazon is already doing, automation through programmed check boxes.
I'm not talking about some goofy VB controlled hack either. When you automate something, you better have a good understanding of the process. Pushing your labor off to users with credit cards willing to pay for the privilege has been the business model for quite some time.

Comment Re:sorry, don't trust redhat (Score 2) 50

I meant as in "Fedora". That was years ago. So maybe I stand corrected. Only goes to prove that once you lose a customer, you lose him for life. Haven't been to their site in five years. I used to buy a RedHat CD every year just to "help out" Now I find it's better to give directly to the authors. - keep those pay pal links!

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