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Comment Re:And the worst case scenario? (Score 0) 213

A free browser? Cool, so I could download it and, say, run it under wine, completely legitly? No? (If wine won't run it due to lack of support of needed APIs, that'd be different.)

Same goes for the media player. It's free when I can decouple it from the OS it's embedded in, and run it in a compatible environment. Lack of support for other OS APIs, however, does not make it non-free. I'm fine with being able to attempt to run it under wine legally. They don't have to support wine.

No. That is only compatibility. Free has nothing to do with portability.

Comment Re:Can we stop with the Obama comparisons? (Score 0) 541

Carl von Ossietsky received his award for publishing details about Treaty of Versailles violations in 1931. He gets an A for effort even if his effort was fruitless. Obama's "real accomplishment as the first black US President" does not constitute effort at all. Obama won because of the cult of personality, and not based on any historical activity.

Comment Yet another SharePoint Killer that Wasn't (YASKTW) (Score 0) 1

The problem with all of these alternative "open source" solutions to sharepoint is that if in the unlikely event that they can scale, offer the integration across multiple front and back end systems, provide the ease of use of sharepoint, provide useful search, and provide the architectural framework, than they are a per-fee service like mindtouch or alfresco. Why would I disrupt the business to incorporate a new technology for a comparable subscription cost (or in the case of alfresco, more) with no greater functionality? The answer is that unless it enables some future functionality, I would not. nuxeo is good, but not compelling, alfresco is adequate, drupal and joomla just don't fit the needs of my business requirements. Mindtouch? I will wait for the next sharepoint killer (TNSK).

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