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Comment Re:Yeah, raising taxes always work. (Score 1) 338

Wow! Talk about brainwashing... 1) Illegal aliens send a large portion of their funds to their (real) homes in Central/South America. They live as cheaply as possible here to send as much cash there as they can. Go forth, spend time among them and see. They live many people to a house/room (San Antonio now has laws about how many people not of the same family can inhabit one house because 20-30 were living in 3 and 4 bedroom homes). They drive 14 to a van capable of carrying 8 to get to/from job sites. We have a large population of illegals here in central Georgia and see this all the time, where do you live that you don't see this?

2) ALL government jobs are net losses, period. They DO NOT force commercial pay raises. Businesses compete against each other, not against the government (speaking as someone who is in the business of contracting with the government) when determining pay for jobs. Especially with high levels of unemployment, there is NO incentive to increase salaries as higher costs just make you non-competitive in your industry. So, it doesn't matter what the government pays it's personnel, it has no effect on the commercial sector.

3) Ever hear of municipal bonds? Rich people and many mutual funds spend LOTS of money investing in our towns and cities for the tax-free returns. You want the rich investing more in America? Give them opportunities to grow their money and they'll come-a-running to invest. Wanna see the rich take their money and run? Declare the rich don't pay their "fair share" and then look determined into the TV camera when you say you're gonna take (tax) their money at even higher rates.

4) Way to spin the cause of WWII from the real cause in the roots of the Treaty of Versailles along with the fractioning of political parties that led to a crisis of leadership and inability to manage their economy into a dumping on capitalism. (Ours is the opposite, but functionally equal, phenomenon of stalemate between two parties leading to an inability to manage the economy, not a failure to manage capitalism).

Sheesh, did you just spout out all of your professor's liberal thoughts with no attempt at looking at the real world?

The two best things government can do for business (and the economy) is a) invest in infrastructure (the one thing I do agree with the Obama administration on); and b) get out of the way, or at least give businesses one set of rules. This changing of the guard every two years is really screwing the ability of the commercial sector to make any plans/invest/grow, and by extension, the rest of us.

Comment CNDers Were Fun To Watch (Score 1) 162

They were camped outside of RAF Upper Heyford for years. We used to read their chalkboard sign that they would post the Slogan Of The Week on. Usually it was good for a laugh or two. The camp slowly dwindled down to one old guy in a ramshackle camper. The only serious incident happened when the CNDers got enough people to have a protest that would be covered by the Press (I think it was their annual march). They approached the fence surrounding the base, cut enough links to shove a baby through, and then screamed at the top of their lungs, trying to fool the MOD police into cutting the rest of the fence so the mother could reclaim her baby. The idea was to rush the fence at that point, overwhelm the MOD police, and then run about the base, causing mayhem and havoc (and getting good press). They were foiled when the MOD police picked up the baby (the screams really ratcheted up then), and took it around to the nearest gate to hand back to the mom.

Comment Re:So Painfully Frustrating (Score 1) 226

I agree, the government needs to get out of the supporting-people-just-because-they're-people business. If we weren't supporting multiple generations on welfare and Medicaid, we'd have plenty of money for robotic explorations, scientific research, education, infrastructure maintenance, etc, all things which bring a return on investment.

Comment Re:Classic! (Score 1) 990

As an owner of CFLs, they take upwards of a minute to achieve full brightness. Second, the vast majority of homes are filled with products designed to be appealing in incandescent light (color schemes, paints, fabrics, etc). My wife truly hates the CFLs and the way they make the interior of the house look. The only place she's authorized their use is above the kitchen island. If LEDs can successfully imitate incandescent light, I might be able to get those installed.

Comment Re:"Get your ass to Mars" todo list for next 20 ye (Score 1) 271

You're missing the Russians. The Russians will not allow SpaceX to undercut their pricing agreement with NASA. They also "own" the ISS and are refusing (read: until Musk pays them LOTS of $$ in bribes) to allow the Dragon capsule to dock with the ISS until they are certain (read: not until they milk SpaceX for every Ruble possible) the capsule is "safe".

Auto Incorrect 86

theodp writes "Combine smartphone auto correction and fat-fingered virtual keyboard typing, writes Rob Walker, and the results can be hilarious and even shocking. The website Damn You, Autocorrect collects the awesomely embarrassing text messages that you never meant to send. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to masturbate some chicken for bisexuals night!"

Comment Re:Why optical over single-copper? (Score 2) 144

The real problem when installing this will be the LOSS of weight...specifically, the center of gravity for every single airframe will now have to be recomputed, and they will find that most of the wire is in the forward fuselage area (where most avionics are located). This means lead weights will have to be added to the forward section to balance out the loss of weight. I know, because I've already had to do it. We had a test F-111 in the early 90's configured with fiber optics. The conversion saved 650lbs of weight, but we had to add 400lbs of lead weights back in to preserve the CG.

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