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Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 151

Have you read the new proposed 'anti-spam' legislation planned for Canada? Basically it opens a whole that a truck can drive through for email marketers, while making normal B2B emailings risky for the small independant business person.

Comment Re:The root of the problem (Score 1) 74

We need to find a way of dealing with the root causes of the problem; filtering and the like is like sweeping up rat droppings, what you really need is to get rid of the rats

Hehe.. SpamRats.com, over 100 Million detected already.. But the part comes when IPv6 rolls down the Pipe!

Comment So they wait until people complain, is that right? (Score 1) 71

What ever happened to being responsible for what leaves your network? Recipients, and even email operators often simply give up reporting abuse, as traditionally the success of reporting to abuse departments has been very low. And isn't this a little like closing the barn door after the cow is gone? A simple stolen credit card, and 24 hours head start, boy are we in trouble with that kind of power. And the idea of 'opt-in' or 'permission' based according to current anti spam legislation is so loose, and untraceable that it is laughable. Pity the legitimate users who wish to use EC2 for email, won't take before the only way for users to protect themselves will be to block the source. The email marketers are shooting themselves in the foot, and this sets the stage for some nice legal action. The idea of the sanctity of a users mailbox will have to prevail, and hopefully it will happen before people resort to radical solutions like 'blacklist unknown senders' or stop using email for communication. Just like you have the right to decide who can enter your home, you can decide who can send to your email box, but when it reaches abusive levels from a single source, this has always resulted in drastic measures. At least we hope they force a header 'X-EC2-BULK-EMAIL' ;)

Comment Re:You can't compete with root. (Score 1) 276

The 'trusted' part is probably the root (excuse the pun) of the idea in the first place. Just because it is non-profit, doesn't mean it is immune from outside forces, sometimes political, in all senses of the word. There are many that question some of the decisions that are made, for all kinds of reasons, and the questions become doubt, which breed mistrust.. and so on. Even it's handling on who gets the ever shrinking IPv4 space is highly controversial.

Comment Re:Reclaim Some? What about email marketers? (Score 1) 717

What about all the email marketers? They only need one IPv4, not a /17 (Yes, they are out there).. Start reclaiming some of those.. mail.rentpink.co.cc 5 mail.vonpink.co.cc 2 mail.alneedthings.co.cc 3 mail.bineedthings.co.cc 2 mail.caneedthings.co.cc 2 mail.chneedthings.co.cc 6 mail.deneedthings.co.cc 4 mail.epneedthings.co.cc 6 mail.fineedthings.co.cc 4 domain name pointer natan.vendaagil.com. domain name pointer felina.comprecomestilo.com. domain name pointer dartaian.rapidasofertas.com. domain name pointer natan1.vendaagil.com. domain name pointer felina1.comprecomestilo.com. domain name pointer dartaian1.rapidasofertas.com. domain name pointer natan2.vendaagil.com. domain name pointer felina2.comprecomestilo.com. domain name pointer dartaian2.rapidasofertas.com. domain name pointer natan3.vendaagil.com. domain name pointer felina3.comprecomestilo.com. domain name pointer dartaian3.rapidasofertas.com. domain name pointer natan4.vendaagil.com. domain name pointer felina4.comprecomestilo.com. domain name pointer dartaian4.rapidasofertas.com. domain name pointer natan5.vendaagil.com. domain name pointer felina5.comprecomestilo.com. domain name pointer dartaian5.rapidasofertas.com. domain name pointer natan6.vendaagil.com. domain name pointer felina6.comprecomestilo.com. domain name pointer dartaian6.rapidasofertas.com. domain name pointer natan7.vendaagil.com. domain name pointer felina7.comprecomestilo.com. domain name pointer dartaian7.rapidasofertas.com. domain name pointer natan8.vendaagil.com. domain name pointer felina8.comprecomestilo.com. domain name pointer dartaian8.rapidasofertas.com. domain name pointer natan9.vendaagil.com. domain name pointer felina9.comprecomestilo.com. Broken up into /27's but the whole /20 seems to be the same.. Block and forget?

Comment LinuxMagic... Thanks Linus (Score 1) 739

It was in the days of OS2 which I was experimenting with, It was SO better than windows.. however, I had a dream of creating a great new multi player game with THOUSANDS of players, using this internet thing.. and I needed good multi tasking but I was really poor.. I think it was 0.98. They said that you couldn't run it on 4 MEG of ram, but it worked.. I think I was running about 32 hours for a kernel compile.. but MAN Linus.. I had something to look forward to didn't I :) So, now years later... I never did get that game online.. but LinuxMagic was borne...

Submission + - CanSpam ACT not working, Email marketing gone wild (mipspace.com)

Michael Peddemors writes: "Well, it is official. Email marketing has gotten out of hand. And the worst of them are located right in the USA. It used to be spammers came from far off countries, or all via infected PC's, trojans and viruses, but now the dreaded 'You have opted in for 3rd party offerings' is now King. The major source of abusive email sources being blocked by ISP's is from 'legitamte' email marketing. Users who sign up for a 'free newsletter' or survey are now finding that all of a sudden they get inundated with junk mail. And the worst offenders are from just a few small networks, mostly located in the US, and almost all claiming to be CanSpam compliant. From statistics at several major ISP's it is now obvious that more mail is blocked from US marketing companies than from traditional blacklists. Some of these marketers send 10-40 messages per day, of so called 'legitimate' marketing email. And of IP's being blocked becuase of abusive levels, the majority are coming from local US marketing companies. Most of the traditional spamming techniques now can be stopped at the source, but the companies hiding behind CanSpam and 'opt-in' are now the biggest single source of overhead at ISP's and Telcos'. A new listing of such offenders has been made available, at MIPSPACE and ISP's who have chosen to use this list are finding it the only way to protect their users from the abusive level of email marketing. What ever happened to being able to call the post office and just saying, 'No More Junk Mail Please'"

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