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Submission + - Elop shows off N9 (cnbc.com)

janimal writes: "In Singapore on Tuesday, Nokia introduced a sleek touch-screen smartphone, the N9, with a useful innovation not found on any competing device, including the iPhone and Google’s Android phones."
Is this a ray of hope?


Submission + - Opera Mini 6 now on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (vr-zone.com)

tincat7788 writes: Opera has recently unveiled their new Mini 6 web browser for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. The Opera Mini 6 have been available on Android and BlackBerry devices since March, but at least it is now available for Apple fans.

Submission + - Are socially shared photos free? (msn.com)

schnell writes: "Stefanie Gordon took a now-famous photo of Space Shuttle Endeavour out the window of her airplane seat and tweeted it to friends. By the time she was leaving the airport, she was barraged with media requests. The photo has been viewed nearly one million times on hundreds of websites, but Stephanie was paid for the photo by only five news organizations. Stephanie doesn't feel slighted, but a professional news photographer would have been paid many times what Stephanie received. In today's climate, are amateur photos shared on Twitter or Facebook basically free for all websites to use? Is re-tweeting or re-sharing automatically fair use?"

Comment Re:Yes, but.... (Score 2) 199

Do you know why Intelligent design/God still hangs around? It is because we want to. No, not just the uneducated or unwilling, everyone.
Intelligent design means that we have been created by god, and for a purpose. Evolution means that we are here by an accident, we dont really have to do anything except make babies and have a good time (optional). There is no purpose following evolution.
There is a dissonance here. And that is why people have faith that there is god and he created them. We as a species are not good at handling dissonance.
User Journal

Journal Journal: My Slashdot design wishlist 2


[11/05/10] Password remembrance and in-page comment scroll search fixed. Thanks Slashdot!

[10/03/2011] It prompts to remember password if I log in via slashdot.org/my/login - fine. Searching comments seems fixed now: collapsed comments scroll while the expand link stays fixed.

[15/02/2011] Nothing new to report, just posting to show these items annoy me every time I log in
[28/01/2011] Added a bug list: When it breaks or hampers site experience


Comment Re:The Internet is where Religion comes to die. (Score 1) 304

You have just shown you do not understand anything about god. It is a construct used to explain a lot of phenomenon, predominantly social and personal. It works a lot of times (and explains coincidences pretty nicely :)) and thats why it still exists, even in the greatest minds.
Just because you know more about christianity and its bluffs(?) does not make you an atheist. True atheism is a philosophy, and is very well studied and documented. In fact, it is an integral part of some oriental religions and Hinduism too.
Religion has nothing to with facts, it is belief. As much as people want to know, people will also want to believe. And thats why, religion is never going to die. Check for yourself what you believe, and how much of it is as irrational as religion. I bet you will be surprised.

Comment On one hand (Score 1) 804

It is the student's responsibility to learn, and he can make use of whatever tools he has at his disposal to achieve that aim.
On the other hand , and in the real world, a majority (citation needed? I can give you anecdotal evidence from each of my 18 years of classroom education) of the students would be distracted by laptops. Forget laptops, I bite my hand regularly in classes just to keep awake and concentrate on what the soporific prof was talking about. Even a scribbling sound would distract me in his lectures, and I would end up dreaming from scratching to itching to that advert about itches to that model in the ad to that film about a struggling actor to latest movie to upcoming movies to next week plans to booze and sports. In an economics class. This actually happened.
I felt it was the professors reponsibility to stop me from dreaming by atleast pretending to not mumble. But I would be pissed if some other tech, which enables me to take notes, is banned.
All said and done, I wouldn't be too sad to see laptops banned.

Comment Re:Centralaisation (Score 5, Interesting) 167

Actually it is a cycle. De-centralised to centralised then centralised to de-centralised. A lot of concepts work this way. From political power (Local government to kingdom to local government) to computing (mainframe to data centre to cloud), we see this cycle a lot.
I actually hope that someone does a study of this phenomenon, and finds out an equilibrium which has advantages of de centralisation and centralisation. That would be something.

Comment Glad we are clear on what we want (Score 1) 156

"I call on the President and his Administration to oppose any effort to transfer control of the Internet to the United Nations or any other international governmental entity ."

It's not over folks. Keep your Tor up and running.
BTW, I really hate it when media spins it to the advertisers. Wonder if an 'open' news site exists. One that gives me plain texts and actual information, not commentary along with facts.

Comment Re:global standards for policing the internet (Score 4, Insightful) 402

What it means in Diplomatese is that they are going to set up a commiteee first, talk to each and every nation about their preferences, and then create a document, laying the bare minimum regulations that need to be imposed. Of course, some countries will not like this, and will not opt-in. A few will opt in, but the implementation will be so broken, that each country will set up its own regulation mechanism on the top of it. As these clash with the UN, the UN regulation mechanism will be completely broken.
The UN cannot tie its own shoe laces. This will only justify the creation of a government approved 'regulation' process, which is often referred to as cencorship.
The Internet was nice while it lasted.

Submission + - Julian Assange Arrested in London (net-security.org)

Orome1 writes: WikiLeaks' founder and director Julian Assange has been arrested this Tuesday morning at 9.30am (GMT) at a police station in London. According to a statement by the Metropolitan police, he has been arrested based on a Swedish arrest warrant, and is scheduled to appear at City of Westminster magistrates court later today. Assange's British lawyers are claiming that he has still not been informed by the Swedish police of the full allegations against him, and that they will fight to stop the extradition process, since they believe the whole situation is the result of a smear campaign conducted by the US and are worried that somehow Assange could end up extradited to that country because US politicians are clamoring for getting him indicted for various charges — including terrorism.

Submission + - Twitter Appears to Censor Wikileaks-Related Trends (studentactivism.net)

Sheep writes: This past week I found it weird that none of the words #wikileaks, #cablegate, #cables, #Assange, etc. were actually "trending" on Twitter. Today, my fears of some secret censorship going on, are slowly coming true. It appears that Twitter is censoring all these keywords, essentially trying to minimize the effect Wikileaks can have on the world through Twitter's democratized popularization of information. It's ironic that last year Twitter suspended their own scheduled server maintenance in order to not interrupt its users from tweeting on Iran's revolution, and now it appears to censor, and manipulate public opinion as it sees fit!

Submission + - WikiLeaks DNS pulled by EveryDNS (bbc.co.uk)

Archon-X writes: According to the BBC and several news outlets, WikiLeaks has had its DNS revoked by long-standing free DNS provider EveryDNS.net — citing reasons of massive attacks.
This isn't the first time EveryDNS has received attacks on behalf of its clients; one could ask if the new management are unprepared to take the heat.

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