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Comment Re:Not legal (Score 1) 251

Another funny thing we have here - you can use truth as an affirmative defense for defamation.

I fail to see the relevance to the matter at hand (widespread distribution of personal photos without the consent of the photographed subjects), but this is something that all decent countries have, including mine.

Comment Re:I feel safer... (Score 4, Informative) 411

Considering that a lot of countries consider you a pedo if you fuck a 17 year old, I stick with 18, just to be safe.

First, it's 15 where I live, and second, that number is called "age of consent" for a good reason, it's NOT called "cut-off for pedophilia diagnosis" or anything like that. It completely eludes me how people could consider it reasonable to mix such completely disparate notions.

Comment Re:Traffic analysis; diverse double compiling (Score 1) 319

Ah, and then you realize that the resultant compiler produces the same output because perhaps the Ken Thompson hack is in the CPU Microcode, as Ken suggested.

If the hack is in the CPU microcode, then: 1) it's detectable using DDC anyway, 2) any use of DDC or any other anti-compiler-tampering technique is useless in this case because you're no longer dealing with a compiler hack but with a low-level rootkit instead. You'd be applying the wrong tool for the job.

Comment Re:Proving it in a discrete logic CPU (Score 1) 319

Since the gates are so low-level, you program a PIC or similar embedded controller to emulate that gate but also perform a 'tap' and pass the data going through it somewhere else. The PIC processor could probably even be re-marked to look like the original 74LS244 gate (or whatever part number the data path goes through.)

1) How would the PIC-posing-as-a-gate know where it's been put in the CPU circuit? It could wind up anywhere. It wouldn't even know my CPU design so what data of consequence could it gather from the stream of impulses on the single wire that would be of use to anyone? 2) How would it "pass the data" anywhere unless directly connected to some bus or port? The lower you try to put such an exploit, the more problematic this proposition becomes.

Comment Re:I've used one for over a year (Score 1) 154

The game has a 5GB file. I have no idea how much of it gets used at once, but it's not unreasonable to assume that across a 12GB game there's a fair bit of data being used.

I'm also certain that I'm using 8GB of storage when I'm processing 8GB of photographs.

I'm also certain that I'm using more than 8GB of storage over the course of a week. A $140 hybrid drive just isn't going to give me the performance I'd like.

So I spent $180 and got a 60gb cache not an 8gb one. But hey, go ahead and save $40 if you don't need the performance boost it would give to you.

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