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Comment Re:D'oh! Tre-not-Galileo (Score 1) 47

This one looks better, though. Apparently, the SoC used, in addition to the application processor, has two extra 200 MHz dedicated independent microcontrollers. It just seems like a better match for hard-RT control applications. I'm not sure about Galileo but without a hard-RT OS and with caches on the CPU, it doesn't look all that juicy for these applications.

Comment Re:Apple fusion drive (Score 1) 154

I just bought a new desktop and opted for SRT rather than the hybrids.

OS drive: High performance (so quite expensive) dedicated SSD
Data drive: 2TB 7200rpm with a rather cheaper 60GB SSD as a cache
NAS : Purely spindle, it's there for infrequently accessed files and backup

The biggest benefit over the hybrid is that 60GB not 8GB. If I import 10GB of photos from my camera I don't want them getting flushed off the cache. If I want to play a 15GB install-size game I don't want to lose the benefits of caching. Right now I can use Lightroom and play the game at the same time.

Comment Re:Sure, to lower paying jobs (Score 2) 674

You're essentially increasing the productivity of mankind per capita. There's nothing wrong with *that* - the one thing wrong is that once we have that productivity, we randomly deny the output to others even though nothing prevents us. Well, I guess that societies can get outdated as much as business models and technologies do.

Comment Re:Bad idea (Score 1) 149

It would have to be a ship-sized device. I believe that for thermal depolymerization, the water contents is actually useful. The high percentage of water in jellyfish is worrisome, but the feasibility of the process depends on the efficiency of heat recovery from the exiting steam. Since ordinarily, the EROEI of the process is somewhere around five for "standard" inputs, it might still work.

Comment Re:Click (Score 1) 194

And you think that trying to reject the null hypothesis in case of traditional journals is not worth the time? Given the fact that they apparently checked for the quality of the rejection letters, I think it would be worth their while to try.

Also, there's at least one high-quality open access journal that will reliably reject all your bad papers. ;-)


First Few Doctor Who Episodes May Fall To Public Domain Next Year 216

First time accepted submitter wmr89502270 writes "Doctor Who is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The special The Day of The Doctor will be broadcast simultaneously in over 75 countries and hundreds of cinemas in the UK. Across the world the hotly anticipated special episode will be screened simultaneously in full 3D. According to Copyright law of the United Kingdom, the copyright in a broadcast program expires 50 years from the end of the year in which it is broadcast, which means the first episodes will fall to public domain next year."

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