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Comment Re:Annoying (Score 1) 333

If traffic is heavy enough that "no one is going to let him change lanes", that's probably a fair tactic and is fairly unlikely to cause issues since heavy traffic tends to be slower anyway. If he's doing it 1-2 miles early on an empty road (as I see some do), that's bad driving.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 333

Slowing down traffic during congestion appears to work for human drivers. Presumably it gives them more time to react and discourages people from changing lanes (a major cause of traffic slowdowns and something with positive feedback - when the lane has to stop because someone barged in, someone 50 yards back will barge into the next lane).

With automated vehicles, faster speeds means shorter journey time so less cars on the road at any point in time. So slowing down during congestion may not be indicated (except where necessary to ensure safety).

Comment Re:Key exchange? (Score 1) 986

It's an interesting question. The simple answer is that for most purposes, you probably can exchange a little security for convenience and allow automatic key exchange. As long as there is a more secure option available should one need it, that may be enough as long as expectations are managed. Maybe have emails be indicated as semi-secure unless a public key has been manually verified.

As to verification, it may just need work on some encoding. An MD5 fingerprint is 16 hex pairs. Make each pair represented by a specific picture say and it would be easy to verify over the phone or via a printed picture.

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