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Comment Re:I go to a fair amount of movies (Score 1) 924

There's a little more to it than that. I don't have to plug my watch in to charge every day (or, indeed, ever) and I can shuck my sleeve and check the time in an instant in virtually any situation, it's waterproof to 100m (tested to 30) and requires almost zero consideration when it comes to protection from the environment (though it does have the dings and scratches to show for it).

On the other hand, I readily confess that it's something of, well, I hesitate to say fashion but certainly style statement. Then again, I got my first watch for my 5th birthday (Timex, simple hour, minute, second deal) and have always had something of a fascination for them. I actually have a Commodore watch somewhere. I imagine that might be worth something. But I'm digressing...

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