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Comment Board game night (Score 3, Interesting) 155

I just hosted a board game night for a a bunch of 20-30 somethings - it was a huge hit! I started each game off with giving players more than the standard loot, to get it going faster, and had an end after 1.5hrs so that they could all get 3 different games in in one night. We played, Masterpiece, Movie Maker, King Oil (all with 4 people) and then had a couple 2 person games for people who showed up late: Xomax and Polarity. We're looking forward to doing it again.


Submission + - The Unusual Physics of Floating Pyramids ( 1

sciencehabit writes: Think that floating pyramids are more metaphysics than physics? Think again. Results just in from an experiment that levitated open-bottomed paper pyramids on gusts of air reveal a curious phenomenon: When it comes to drifting through the air, top-heavy designs are more stable than bottom-heavy ones. The finding may lead to robots that fly not like insects or birds but like jellyfish.

Comment Kind of sad, but... (Score 2) 181

At first I was kind of sad thinking about all those billions of frozen planets floating around out there, with no chance of the kind of life that could explore the universe (there may be life on a hot Jupiter type planet, but I doubt they could build telescopes and space ships)

But then I thought about advanced civilizations - really advanced. They could use these wandering planets for their resources - it could be a good series of sci-fi books
"The Planet Miners"

Comment just 2 (Score 1) 763

One for my house, one for car
Other work related keys are in a briefcase (with travels in the car or back at home/office)
Other keys stay in the house (for the garage, etc...)

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