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Comment Agreed, stop the hate, because this is a good move (Score 4, Interesting) 356

After all, don't people realize the horrible things that can happen when someone gets offended?

I found this documentary about the terrible consequences of being offended. It recounts the gruesome details of people who have been offended, went to sleep, and woke up the next morning with leprosy.

It's good that Pakistan is stopping these atrocities before they get out of hand.

Comment Answers Explained (Score 5, Informative) 543

256MB (or less): My main computer is an iPad 1, iPhone 3GS, or low-end android phone

256+ to 512MB: My main computer is an iPad 2, iPhone 4/4S, or a mid-range android phone

512+ MB to 1GB: My main computer is a high-end android tablet

1GB+ to 2GB: My main computer is about 5 years old

2GB+ to 4GB: My main computer is about 3 years old

4GB+ to 8GB: My main computer is about 1-2 years old

8GB+ to 16GB: My main computer is a high-end workstation

More than 16GB: My main computer is a server


Submission + - Is Amazon the cheapest cloud provider? Myth Busted ( 1

oker writes: Amazon has become the cloud computing company and is commonly perceived as the cheapest, if not the only, IaaS provider. But is this really so? (...) Even with requirements perfectly matching Standard instance types, Amazon was the cheapest only once! It was once almost the cheapest and once 24% more expensive than the cheapest provider. With the persistent storage option (EBS), Amazon was never the cheapest, costing on average 55% more than the winner. It gets even worse if you get away from Amazon's instance types, where we showed an example of Amazon being twice as expensive, but it can be much worse. So always be sure to compare cloud computing prices for your specific needs.

Comment Re:Sound? (Score 2, Interesting) 62

That Mozilla link is along the lines of what I was thinking of for dynamic audio. Too bad it's not supported by all browsers, but it would be a start. With some proper architecture, it should be easy enough to add support for other browsers when they support a similar feature.


I should probably start looking at what it would take to port my Flash NES emulator to JavaScript. I wrote it in Haxe with the goal of doing a JS version at some point. However, at the time, only Chrome could even come close to running the JS fast enough, but now most modern browsers should be fast enough (I'll have to do some performance tests). It should just require minor tweaking to replace the flash calls with JS/HTML5 calls without having to re-do and re-work the bulk of the logic.

Comment Sound? (Score 5, Interesting) 62

I'm curious how he plans on handling dynamically generated sound from the GB ROM. Doing CPU and Graphics are usually the easy parts of emulating, but getting smooth dynamic sound without much latency is the challenge I've had to deal with when doing web-based emulators. Most web-based systems are designed to load a static set of sounds from a server, not dynamically generate them in the code.

Flash 10 provides some dynamic sound capability, but it has a rather large latency (~250ms). I blogged about this while writing my NES emulator in flash.

I read through these articles hoping for some insight on dynamically generated sound, but it doesn't look like he's gotten that far.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 5, Informative) 167

Having worked in that industry, it's very common for them to be on the same network as Windows PCs. As for the default passwords, that's their own fault.

The reason they have to be on the same network as PCs is both:
1) The software to program and monitor PLCs are on Windows (made by Siemens, Rockwell Software, WonderWare, were the big names when I was in the industry 10 years ago), so it makes sense to have them on the same network so they can communicate with the PLC while it's online and see the logic operations in real time.
2) The biggest reason is that PLCs communicate with visualization software that runs on Windows (also made by the same companies as above), that can be viewed from a central location. This allows the production line manager to visually see the operations of the machines in a nicer format than looking at the raw logic bits. The visualization software can display shapes, colors, diagrams, animations, etc of the production line with real-time data about what's happening.

So yes, these PLCs are usually on the same network as Windows PCs. Ideally it's a private network with just the PLCs and the visualization/programming/monitoring PCs, but many places are not that strict about the network separation.


Boeing Releases Details On New Crew Capsule 66

FleaPlus writes "Boeing has released a number of new details on its CST-100 manned space capsule, being developed in collaboration with commercial space station builder Bigelow Aerospace. Competing with SpaceX's Dragon capsule, the vehicle is designed to be compatible with existing Atlas V, Delta IV, and Falcon 9 rockets, and is planned to carry seven people in a capsule 'a little smaller than Orion, but a little bigger than Apollo.' Funding was jump-started this year with $18M of fixed-price Commercial Crew Development money from NASA, which requires completion of several fabrication and demonstration milestones this year (heat shield, escape system, landing tests, etc.) in order to get the full payment."

Comment Re:BAD SLASHDOT! (Score 4, Informative) 151

Yeah, I submitted this Friday, but it's only now making it to the front page.

There's a new version of MTX ( that doesn't require the web servers to be up:

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with MekTek in any way. I've just been following the free release since I love the Mechwarrior series, namely MW2: Mercs.

Submission + - Mechwarrior 4 Free Release now available ( 1

Mr. Sketch writes: "Finally, the long awaited moment has arrived!

Studio MekTek, in association with Smith and Tinker, INC., Virtual World Entertainment, LLC, Catalyst Game Labs, and Microsoft Games, is happy to announce the release of Mechwarrior4 Free.

Getting started is easy. Just download and install MTX, MekTek's free content delivery and updating system. Once installed, simply click the Games Available tab, select Mechwarrior4: Mercenaries and click install. The game will download and install, all within MTX, and as updates become available, MTX will help you keep your game up to date."

Comment Re:For a program so hard to turn off (Score 1) 472

That's a much better idea than a simple hash (md5 or sha-224, etc I didn't have a preference, just some sort of known-good hash).

A signature on the executable would be easy for the AV software (and the OS) to check and make sure it hasn't been tampered with. This should probably be more widely deployed in general. Maybe we'll get it for version WinX?

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