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Comment Re:Why would you buy this? (Score 1) 309

For pocket-sized Internet radio, Skype, e-mail not associated with a cellphone. There was a story on one of the eee blogs about Toshiba creating a pocket-sized umpc-type of machine but it was a prototype. So it would not be surprising to see some of the umpc machines morph in this direction. There are Zaurus descendants sold in Japan but they are very expensive to buy in the US and not really made for us.

Submission + - Cyberbullying gains momentum (

interglossa writes: "A report by the Pew Internet Project reported on the BBC news web site indicates a rising incidence of cyberbullying among online teenagers, with slightly higher incidence among those visiting social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Tactics cited include being "the victim of an aggressive email, IM or text message" and "having a rumor spread about them online"."

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