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Comment Re:yeay four sensors (Score 1) 170

Yes, black is not a colour, it's a complete lack of brightness, but you started talking about CMYK colour space, and now we're talking about cameras, which use RGB, and black has an RGB value of zero, zero, zero. It's still treated as a colour for all intents and purposes - saying "black is not a colour" is pointless in this context, as it has to be treated as a colour all the way through the process to the end viewer. It's not a passive "lack of brightness", it's taken into account in lots of ways when passed from one stage to another, e.g. during compression, also at broadcast stage, and so on.

Comment Re:Topsoil-based fuels are wrongheaded in every wa (Score 1) 238

I've got a standard reply to people who ask whether I believe that our use of fossil fuels is causing climate change, and whether pollution taxes or carbon prices are the answer.
"It doesn't matter so much - fossil fuels ARE a finite resource, and it makes sense to develop sensible alternatives while oil is still cheap, e.g. we can afford to build PV panel factories with cheap energy (electricity, transportation), and transport the PV panels to our homes with cheap fuel. Once the oil becomes expensive, "the market" will become very selective about what the oil gets used for.

Comment Re:Reinstall Ubuntu. (Score 1) 573

I've been working my way through and it's a good way to try out various flavours. Debian & Mint are my favourites for getting work done, Ubuntu Studio is what I use for playing around. I've got old laptops running various distros inside VirtualBox under XP (yes, you might say I've got it around the wrong way, but these are also laptops I loan out to customers when their own equipment goes down, and they need the familiar logo), and apart from the speed of running under XP on older hardware, they're quite OK for day-to-day work.

Comment Re:But (Score 1) 473

Okey doke - I have a mobile phone (a Nokia 3315 - it meets my needs and I want to see how long it will last), my wife and son have facebook accounts and mobile phones, but /., tech research and video editing/production take up enough of my time, I can't afford to spend hours, even minutes of a day on facebook, twitter, or even linkedin - and I really don't give a toss about people who do - I don't care one way or the other until it starts to affect me. We have a 55" LCD TV and a foxtel subscription, but the few watchable channels aren't worth the money, so I won't renew it. We have a collection of DVDs, and some decent catch-up/streaming services (e.g., so that'll serve my entertainment needs.
You're right - using a sarcasm tag would have been much quicker.

Comment Re:sword vs polearm (Score 1) 469

This is interesting to me - I'm a re-enactor, but not a fighter (I'm a camp cook). What stops a polearm-wielder from gripping it closer to the head and using it as a dual-ended weapon, when in close combat - a bit like a quarter-staff? It's got a point, a blade, and perhaps a hammer at one end, and a poking/thrusting/counter-weight at the other end. Can anyone with experience tell me why this doesn't stand up to swords/armour? Obviously it doesn't match the effect of a well-landed sword blow, but surely it's more versatile in close combat, with its multiple-use head?

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