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Comment Re:No, not really (Score 1) 390

Think of the long tail made possible by the internet. It's about freedom, not economics. And calling "communism" the idea that everyone should be able to do what they want on a basic income is a strawman, because "do what you want" includes working for a biz as now. A basic income gives more choice, more freedom, which will result in an increased rate of innovation.

Comment Re:No, not really (Score 1) 390

Says more about you than about the idea of a basic income. Create money for the budget, and hold challenges (which biz can hold too, like google bug bounties, netflix, etc.) to stimulate individuals to innovate. The DARPA autonomous car-driving challenge is an example, or the paper-shredding challenge. Let anyone enter: individuals, ad hoc groups of individuals organized through the internet, companies, universities, whoever. Take the best ideas and let biz do what it does best with them: incrementally innovate. This is the recipe to increase the pace of knowledge advancement and technological progress...

The economic problem is not the central problem of mankind. As long as we continue to innovate, we can create as much money as we like.

Comment Re:misleading article (Score 1) 173

That's why we should vote for govt to empower each of us with a basic income. Let the fed create money (as it has been doing) but instead of giving it to financial institutions, give it to each of us.

Think of it like this: People are Corporations! Give us loans at 0.1% interest so we can buy t-bills at 3% and pocket the difference and keep the loans rolling over, just like banks do...

Comment Re:misleading article (Score 1) 173

Financial literacy should not be required. Saying everyone should have to think about money is like saying everyone should have to think about sports, it's unnecessary and indicates a desire to control others' thoughts. The economic problem is not the central problem of mankind. Mankind survived without money for hundreds of thousands of years...

Comment Re:misleading article (Score 1) 173

First, provide some data.

Second, has any country explicitly made taxes voluntary and created money to fund the budget?

What I'm proposing is to keep fundamental American freedoms (unlike Zimbabwe), and use the created money to stimulate innovation through providing everyone with a basic income and holding challenges (which biz can hold too, like google, netflix). We have not just lost a world war, so comparisons to Weimar are invalid.

What matters is innovation and the advance of knowledge, because that is what raises standard of living and survival fitness by better allowing us to predict and adapt to sudden catastrophic change.

The idea that a govt can only spend what it takes in is as feudal as the notion of divine right of rule.

Comment Re:misleading article (Score 1) 173

Think of Germany after WWII. Think of changing attitudes towards blacks, women voting, alcohol prohibition, etc. The strength of our species lies in its ability to change our psychology. Once we were convinced the earth was the center of the universe. Now we think of ourselves as one tiny point in a universe that is itself only one tiny part of a multiverse...

Comment Re:misleading article (Score 1) 173

"A lifetime of financial dependence through induced incompetence is a nightmare, both for the individual and I'm convinced eventually for the society as well."

On the contrary, the government can stimulate innovation and empower individuals to take advantage of the natural creativity and scientific spirit they're born with, but is too often drummed out of them by the free market, as they are forced to give up their dreams and take menial jobs for unnecessarily low pay under little Napoleon control-freak bosses who seek attention by getting good at dominance games, not because of any necessity but purely because they can.

Comment Re:misleading article (Score 1) 173

Debt is a complete distraction, a purely psychological phenomenon, not physical. We do not have a production capacity problem. The real problem is why should bankers have an exclusive, divine right to create money? Instead, let govt create it too, and empower individuals to create new technology and advance knowledge so that standard of living keeps increasing. (Note: I didn't say take anything away from the "job creationists", just provide a public option for those of us who don't function well under the perverse incentives and moral hazards of the free market.)

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