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Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 0) 89

"Umm.. no. The article you mention doesn't "recognize that Unix does it the right way". It says that doing it that way is slow, which I completely agree."
That's one way to view it. Another way to view is that Unix designers went for a consistent and predictable design while NTFS designers chose a "surprising" design that continues to surprise developers to this day for a performance benefit that is of dubious value. Surprising designs are typically not good designs.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 89

You've been influenced by old new thing. It's well written and I enjoy reading it but after a while it becomes clear there is too much rationalizing of poor design decisions and sloppy implementations. A recent example is the recent entry about NTFS file sizes. While recognizing that Unix does it the right way very early in the post, the rest of the post goes on to rationalize the confusing, dumb design decision in NTFS influenced by a perceived performance problem that hasn't been relevant for at least a decade.

Stuxnet took advantage of really sloppy bugs. You can rationalize each and every one of them like you just did, but taken as a whole, there are too many of these rationalized sloppy bugs in Windows constantly creeping up. Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Comment Re:Iran never called for Israel's destruction (Score 1) 164

I'm amazed every time the Ahmadinejad apologentsia brings up this ridiculous "he didn't literally say it" defense. It's so moronic it beggars belief.
Ahmadinejad spoke in Farsi. Why is it a surprise that when translating from one language to another and, more importantly, from one culture to another that the literal translation will not be the same?
The people most qualified to understand the culturally relevant meaning of his words, the official Iranian translation service, had no problem understanding his intent and they translated it accordingly. Oops.
This defense is the equivalent of literally translating a phrase like "I hope you kick the bucket" to Arabic and telling your Arab soccer opponent that it just means you want him to lose the soccer game.

Comment Re:Prior art (Score 1) 434

Your Nokia N900 was released in late 2009. Not clear how it comes close to mid-2007, early 2008.

Windows Mobile 6.0 did not support anything like this:

The Samsung R450 is irrelevant as it is a tricked out phone interface that does not bring you back to the home screen to pretty much do whatever you want which is clearly what the patent is about.

Comment The plane's nick name (Score 1) 612

I hereby christen it Francis Gary Powers

Instead of a human being, the enemy is left with boasting of taking possession of an artifact that is nearly indistinguishable from magic to them (e.g. the military stooge playing with a flap on the wing). Contrary to the common "America in decline" narrative all signs seem to be that this technologically driven military disparity is only increasing. Stealth drones, naval rail guns, hypersonic 1 hour global strike cruise missiles, round the corner explosive "assault rifles" and the list goes on - all very real weapons that are either deployed or nearing realization with no real counterparts anywhere else.

The Russians have been out of the game for 30 years at least and the Chinese are nowhere near developing these kinds of weapons (they have yet to field an aircraft carrier which could arguably become obsolete with an introduction of a viable railgun equipped destroyer, their much vaunted stealth craft is probably more show than reality (look at the engine exhaust on it), etc., etc.).

Comment Re:Back button is not a mistake (Score 1) 390

I'll ignore the ad hominem and bile, Mr. Hater.

Instead I'll fully explain the camera/camera roll switching problem for your edification.
In the camera app, take a photo. Now how do you review your photo?
You tap the camera roll icon and it drops you in the list of all your photos. You then scroll around, looking for your photos and you tap it to bring it up.

That UI is broken and I have heard Android phone users complain about it bitterly.

99% of the time, a user switches to the camera roll from the camera to view the last photo/s taken, not to review the whole roll (pick up any Point and Shoot or DSLR, or take a picture of any 4 year old, if you insist on disagreeing with this point). So why does Android drop you in the camera roll instead of the last photo taken like every other camera in the world?

If the camera dropped you directly into the last photo, there were would be two possible 'backs', back to the camera or back to the roll. But the back button enforces back to the camera so the result would be inconsistent with the Gallery app, confusing and useless since a user expects and often does want to move between the last photo and the other photos in the roll. Google's solution was to drop the user into the camera roll so the back button works consistently and as expected. The usability of the end result, however, is pretty bad.

Comment Re:You know why Apple's winning? It's not about sp (Score 2, Insightful) 390

The back button is a design mistake. Having a dedicated back button does not fit all scenarios and leads to ambiguous choices the user can't resolve without having to tap it to see what happens or suboptimal app behavior. A good example is Android's camera camera roll switching which is/was (I haven't looked at ICS) fundamentally broken and not user friendly. Stepping back a bit and thinking about it, it's pretty clear the culprit is the back button and the UI flow that it forces.

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