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Submission + - Limewire On One-Third Of All PCs WorldWide (fastsilicon.com)

mrneutron2003 writes: "Though not exactly a new story, eMediaWire put out a press release earlier this month on a survey conducted by Digital Music News and BigChampagne regarding the market penetration of the big kahuna of p2p applications, Limewire. From a survey sample of 1.66 million desktops worldwide they found Limewire present on 36.4% of all PC's in the survey.
It's an impressive statistic when you think about it. This is higher per-seat penetration than Firefox, Windows Vista, or a host of other big name applications that get alot more attention from the press and industry.

The report noted that market penetration this year compared to last year however only grew by a scant 2.3%. Whether this is due to market saturation issues, or the legal climate of late is hard to discern. Still with numbers like that, it's no wonder the RIAA is hounding Limewire LLC like there's no tomorrow. That is one heck of a "captive market" they don't want competition from.

It is becoming increasingly clear however that the industry is beginning to wake up to the futility here, what with EMI and a few other labels beginning to distance themselves financially from the RIAA and the IFPI, Warner's DRM free deal with Amazon, so on and so forth. We doubt the RIAA has the support of it's label partners to the extent of being able to sue a third of the earths PC users. The labels are slowly beginning to see how fruitless that tactic is, and we doubt they'll support pouring what's left of their dwindling margins into that money pit.

The fact that an estimated third of the pc connected human race is technically breaking the law is the big statistical "WOO HOO!" here, but hardly the real issue being dealt with. The real battle is about who's in charge. And it's safe to say that individuals using Limewire, and Limewire LLC itself, are the ones holding the cards that count.


Submission + - RIAA Insanity-Suing People For Ripping CD's They P (fastsilicon.com) 2

mrneutron2003 writes: "With this past weeks announcement by Warner to release its entire catalog to Amazon in MP3 format with no Digital Rights Management, you would think that the organization that represents them, The Recording Industry Association of America , would begin changing its tune. However in an inane display of hubris and futility, the RIAA presses on in it's tirade against the very consumers its partners rely on buy (we're not making this up) suing individuals who merely rip CD's they've purchased legally.

The Washington Post reports on the case being fought by a Scottsdale Arizona man, Jeffrey Howell, who is being taken to task for ripping his own store bought CD's to his PC as a violation of copyright.

Now, in an unusual case in which an Arizona recipient of an RIAA letter has fought back in court rather than write a check to avoid hefty legal fees, the industry is taking its argument against music sharing one step further: In legal documents in its federal case against Jeffrey Howell, a Scottsdale, Ariz., man who kept a collection of about 2,000 music recordings on his personal computer, the industry maintains that it is illegal for someone who has legally purchased a CD to transfer that music into his computer.
If the RIAA is successful here, it is safe to say that the overwhelming majority of American music consumers will soon be classified as criminals under the law for attempting to use media they've legally purchased in a manner they desire.


Submission + - More Wiimote Hacks - Head Tracking Hack (fastsilicon.com)

mrneutron2003 writes: "This guy just doesn't know when to stop. Johnny Chung Lee graces us with yet another one of his inventive Wiimote projects. This time it involves using the Wiimote and a pair of inexpensive LED safety goggles (with the standard LED's replaced with InfraRed ones) to allow positional head tracking , achieving an effect similar to what is experienced with three dimensional displays and CAVE systems. The video dramatically illustrates the effect. Game developers take note. This simple little variation on infrared tracking could allow for some seriously immersive gameplay in the future.



Submission + - Linux MCE: All Your Components Are Belong to Us (fastsilicon.com)

mrneutron2003 writes: "
While looking at new Linux technologies, we ran across an amazing OS called Linux MCE. This OS literally resembles the Borg from the popular Star Trek series. The operating system assimilates every component in a house from audio video gear, receivers, TVs, phones, cell phones, web cams, all infrared devices, lighting, alarms systems, and many others into a mesh like network of interoperability. Is this the end all be all of Home media centers? It integrates every component in a house into one cohesive system that follows users anywhere. One would think that this monolithic orgy of electronic devices would take hours and hours to setup and thousands of dollars in equipment. However, it takes a little under four hours to have a fully automated, cataloged home media mesh network that puts cost effective home mobility and productivity to a whole new standard. Bill Gates' operational house for a minuscule of the price, read on for more information.


The Internet

Submission + - Voting For A Tech Savvy Prez? (fastsilicon.com) 1

mrneutron2003 writes: "Here in the states Presidential primaries are just around the corner, and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has decided to get involved in the process with a tech-savvy twist. TechCrunch has set up a new sub-domain, primaries.techcrunch.com , for the sole purpose of polling it's huge userbase for the candidate they believe understands and represents them on many key technology based issues.

At the site you can vote for your candidate as you see him or her, based on their stands on such important issues as Net Neutrality, Immigration and H1B Visas ,Taxes & Internet Taxes, Technology Education, The Digital Divide, Identity Theft The Upcoming Mobile Spectrum Auction, China, Intellectual Property Rights and Renewable Energy. Head over and let your voice be heard .


Submission + - Thinksecret Gets The Axe From Apple (fastsilicon.com)

mrneutron2003 writes: "Nick Ciarelli, publisher of ThinkSecret , the number one website that Apple seems to despise has agreed to close it's doors in a settlement agreement with Apple over the lawsuit filed against them. Nick gets to keep his sources a secret, and Apple gets to shut up ThinkSecret's blabbing. Being a lone college student with a small staff it's no wonder Nick caved in to the mounting legal pressure.

December 20, 2007 -PRESS RELEASE Apple and Think Secret have settled their lawsuit, reaching an agreement that results in a positive solution for both sides. As part of the confidential settlement, no sources were revealed and Think Secret will no longer be published. Nick Ciarelli, Think Secret's publisher, said "I'm pleased to have reached this amicable settlement, and will now be able to move forward with my college studies and broader journalistic pursuits."

Though there are still a few websites left that cater to the Apple community in a way that the "Jobs Mob" doesn't particularly like, the loss of ThinkSecret will definitely be one felt by many in the Apple community as a bad thing. Another dissenting voice in the blogosphere dies, and the news becomes more bland, and more in lockstep with what a manufacturer wants you to hear.


Submission + - New Yankee Stadium Video and Scoring System (fastsilicon.com)

mrneutron2003 writes: "Daktronics is in-charge of putting together a 19+ million dollar integrated video and scoring system inside the new Yankee Stadium. The project's time table is set for spring 08 through the end of the year. They will be visible beginning the 09 baseball season.

Daktronics will also hold the world's largest led screen record when they complete the Kansas City Royal's 100 feet high by 85 feet wide screen behind center field. Keep in mind that these screens have a 16mm led spacing and have to be assembled from many small led "cubes". Would love to play crysis on one of these screens since they can play HD signals.

Check out the dimensions on these huge displays in Yankee Stadium. The main two displays will have (64 feet diag)438.9 m2 of LEDs each! Outdoor screens have come a long way.


Submission + - Intel Delays 45nm Quads (fastsilicon.com)

mrneutron2003 writes: " Due to the apparent lack of threat from arch rival AMD , Intel recently adjusted its launch strategy with the forthcoming 45nm quad-core CPUs (Core 2 Quad Q9300, Q9450 and Q9550), and will postpone their originally scheduled January launch. Digitimes reports...
"Launching the CPUs now will not benefit Intel much in its battle with AMD, while they could cause damage to Intel's 65nm quad-core CPUs, therefore the company has decided it is in no rush to release new products until AMD is able to present more of a threat. Intel commented that its launch of 45nm quad-core CPUs for desktops is on track for first quarter 2008, but declined to disclose a specific time-frame."
With AMD's current financial and and process woes, Intel is probably doing them a big favor.


Submission + - Duke Nukem Forever. Is Forever Finally Over? (fastsilicon.com)

mrneutron2003 writes: " George Broussard and the crew at 3DRealms have released a "teaser" screenshot , and promised to release a "teaser" mini-trailer of Duke Nukem Forever today at around 12:00 CST. Duke Nukem Forever itself has almost become legendary in the gaming community, or perhaps more like the industries longest standing joke, having been "in development" for 10 years . The screenshot they provided on their forum looks quite good. Let's hope the trailer is equally exciting and more to the point, that this wasn't some Christmas Party joke prompted by too much Egg Nog.
"Tomorrow, Wednesday the 19th, around noon CST, we will release the first teaser trailer from Duke Nukem Forever. To tide you over until then, there has been a screen shot taken from the teaser and posted in our forums."


Submission + - Sonic The Hedgehog Coming to the iPod (fastsilicon.com)

mrneutron2003 writes: "Earlier this morning, Sega of America just released news of the availability of the 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog game on the Apple iPod series. Support is slated for the iPod nano with video, iPod classic, and fifth generation iPods. The 45 million copy seller is going to be available through iTunes for 4.99. Sega hopes that tremendous install base of the iPod family will lend to exposing a whole new audience to the old time wonders of Sonic The Hedgehog. The game has apparently been redesigned with the iPod in mind and should provide good port experience.


Submission + - 3.2 Billion Lost To Phishing in 2007 (fastsilicon.com)

mrneutron2003 writes: "Gartner's latest survey into the realm of phishing attacks paints a rather bleak picture for 2007, with a record estimated loss of $3.2 Billion (that's Billion, with a B) U.S. Dollars. Overall loss per incident fell (to $886 from $1,244 lost on average in 2006) but the numbers of individuals who fell victim rose quite sharply from 2.3 Million in 2006 to a staggering 3.6 Million. Though online portals Paypal and eBay remained the most spoofed brands, it appears phishers are getting more creative utilizing fake electronic greetings cards, foreign businesses, and charitable organizations in their attacks on consumers. Furthermore these criminals are increasingly targeting debit card and banking credentials rather than credit cards, because the fraud protection mechanisms there are far weaker, according to a study done at The University of California at Berkeley.



Submission + - AMD's Ruiz Gets A Raise? (fastsilicon.com)

mrneutron2003 writes: "Let's see. Spend billions on a merger. Fail to execute on time. Miss product launch dates. See your companies stock value plummet into the toilet... *AND* get a raise? Man we need jobs in corporate America. AMD's Chairman and CEO Hector Ruiz somehow managed to get a 7% raise, according to an SEC filing here .

Aren't corporate officers supposed to be answerable to Boards and shareholders? If we still had any AMD stock, we would likely be a bit ticked off right now, a feeling I'm sure is shared by many AMD shareholders after this little gem came to light.



Submission + - Sony Makes Battery-Free Camera (fastsilicon.com)

mrneutron2003 writes: "Sony , purveyor of rootkits and exploding batteries, has just released a battery-less digital camera apparently for those times when your in the middle of the Australian Outback or the frozen wastelands of the Antarctic, and can't find a battery store or a charger outlet. The device, shaped somewhat like a pizza-cutter, has an external wheel that you "roll" for approximately 15 seconds to generate the amount of electricity needed to operate the camera. For one photo. It is no suprise too, that this is currently a Japanese market item only. Good proof-of-concept perhaps, but a fundamentally stupid idea.

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