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So, to say that PNA functions "as well as or better than" DNA or RNA, full stop, end of story, is nonsense. Thanks. Exactly what I was driving at.

Technically, our genes did arise during an ice age, which started 2.6 million years ago and is still ongoing. We survived the last glacial period perfectly fine, as well; plenty of species did not. In fact, I would say that homo sapiens sapiens is very well equipped to survive glacial periods, and to claim that there would be no sticks around is silly.


Submission + - Reverse Combustion .. Sun+Water+CO2

PS3Penguin writes: "Sandia National Laboratories has a solution to the oil shortage / excess CO2 of a gas driven economy.
Reverse the process!
Sandia's synthetic-fuel recipe: Mix CO2 , water; heat with sun EEtimes has a two page article on the CR5 Reactor. It started out as a clever way to generate hydrogen from the power of the sun + water. It was later realized the process could be (or should be) extended to make a synthetic fuel that was compatible with standard combustion engines. To quote the article "One way to look at it is as reverse combustion — taking heat from the sun, adding it to carbon dioxide and water, and making a synthetic fuel from them," said Diver."

Submission + - Should Wikipedia Allow Mathematical Proofs? ( 4

Beetle B. writes: "An argument has arisen over whether Wikipedia should allow pages that provide proofs for mathematical theorems (such as this one).

On the one hand, Wikipedia is a useful source of information and people can benefit from these proofs. On the other hand, how does one choose which proofs to include and which not to? Should Wikipedia just become a textbook that teaches mathematics? Should it just state the bare results of theorems and not provide proofs (except as external links)? Or should they take an intermediate approach and formulate a criterion for which proofs to include and which to exclude?"

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