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Comment Re:There is this thing called a Union (Score 4, Insightful) 665

Because as we all know there was no such thing as "Music" before the artists were protected by Unions and Major Labels.
Now as the major labels and the unions are going down the amount of new music available to the public has dropped precipitously.
Much like when the VCR killed the movie industry. Wish we never got those damned things.

Comment Re:Lousy lawyers (Score 2, Insightful) 259

That would be a Justice system.
Some people call what we have a justice system, but they are wrong. What we have in the US is a legal system.
There are a few good things about a legal system. Also a few pitfalls in having a "Justice System".
Though I think I would still prefer a justice system. Even though it would result in the instantaneous execution of many lawyers and politicians.
Notice how such a large number of scum sucking politicians are lawyers?

Comment Re:Obama effect (Score 1) 514

If you knew why in the US we have a constitutional right to bare arms you might be a little more understanding.
It is not to hunt or to "make gun go boom". Though one was at one time necessary and the other is loads of fun.
The reason that it is a constitutional right is to protect they people from the tyranny of the government.
The founders at the time felt (because of the history of every previous government ever) that government eventually would grow to take the freedoms of its people.
Governments always get more powerful. They take that power from the people. Even a "good" government strip you of all your freedoms eventually in the name of "The greater good".
The only defense against this is an armed populace. We can argue about what rights we should have and we can have real differences about it.
Though without an armed populace when the government oversteps its power grab it will not matter. When they come for a freedom you do value there will be nothing the people can do to stop the government.
When the people fear the government there is tyranny.
When the government fears the people there is freedom.

I want freedom. I understand that with freedom comes thing I do not like.
Put away the criminals, Help the sick, Keep the guns.

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 1, Insightful) 633

Lets look at what happens when you let Islamists have their way in your country for a bit.
Lest look at France.
Let me go on record. Without being AC.
Islam is a religion that allows no other religions to exist.
Everywhere it has taken hold and become dominant it has used that dominance for evil.
Fuck them.

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