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Comment Re:Unrealistic to say the least ! (Score 1) 112

I am cool with a phone 3 times as thick.

Replaceable radio module, CPU block that has a high clock dual core (No quads), 24 Gig storage, Lots of RAM, and a physical keyboard and a big battery.

Do not need it thin. Do not need NFC, Bluetooth, Want great reception of the phone network and WiFi. I could live with a bulkier phone if could be modified to do what I want it to do.

Comment Re:What i want... (Score 1) 112

That is the whole point of this phone. You should be able to pick up a simple screen, powerful radio, small storage, hardware keyboard for texting and really big battery powering a fairly anemic but capable single core low power cpu with almost no graphics. Should stay in contact very well and last a very long time on a single charge.

Comment Re:Applies to all events? (Score 4, Funny) 194

Libertarians are are not socially liberal. They are not fiscally conservative. Libertarians believe in actual rights of human beings. More than what are now being called rights. The things that the liberals are calling rights involve mostly taking things from other people. Libertarians are mostly just correct. Conservatives and Liberals get a few things right by accident.

Short story is that Liberals understand a few things that are socially Libertarian, Conservatives understand a few things that are fiscally Libertarian. Libertarians get most things right except on the rare occasion they go bat shit crazy.

Comment Re:Oh god (Score 1) 279

How would this work? How do you lay down the N and P regions? How do you add metal layers? How do you form the oxide? How do you put vias in the structure? Who knows?

Not me. I do know that looking back in history the smart money is on it getting done. If only flying cars were not the one exception to this rule.

Comment Re:Oh god (Score 1) 279

Again. No way that we can see means nothing over 15 years.

Show me a person that though in 1997 that cell phones would have more power than the Best PCs of the time. That they would be smaller. That they would create multiple new markets. That they connect everyone constantly in unimaginable ways. I see no reason why 3D printing can not get down to a 180nm process. Can you even imagine what the world will be like if people can get their hands on a home based 3D printer capable of even 250 nm tech? Even at $5000 - $10000. It could be considered a bargain.

Comment Re:Oh god (Score 2) 279

250 nm is 1997 technology, and ten times larger than current processes (along one axis, 100 times bigger for 2D items). This is about the same size as some larger viruses!!! Can you imagine a home device capable of the precision of the size of a virus? How much would that cost?

In 1998 Nokia came out with the iconic 5110. That is one year after the 1997 technology you talk of. Let us compare the 5110 with last big phone the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Nokia 5110: 2G Network. 170 grams. 5 line monochromatic display. SMS Messaging. Played 3 games. and could store 5 received, 5 missed and 8 dialed calls.

Galaxy S4: 4G LTE, 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, A 5 Inch 1080 x 1920 pixel color display, SMS, MMS, Email, Web can store 64 GM of information, can play games that would have been impossible on full computers at the time. It is also lighter.

Again. 3D printing 15 years from now ... You really can not imagine what they will be capable of. Current processes are slowing due to the physical nature of the universe. 3D printing can grow quickly right up to those numbers. It will. I do not think it will take much more than 10 years. The materials they will be using are not knowable right now. I can tell you this. In 10 years it will cost less, be 1000 times more capable and will be used for things we can not even imagine now. Just like cell phones. 3D printers are a game changer. If you can not apply the history of technology when you look forward ... I am sure you can. The reason you did not is so that you could make that post. Again. Enjoy that post. It did not make you look smart, or knowledgeable.

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