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Comment Re:Don't like the solution so the problem can't ex (Score 4, Insightful) 479

Does not matter if I like or do not like the regulations. The real issue with them is that they have no chance of doing any good. So. Massive regulations, higher unemployment, higher costs, and less progress for nothing. Sounds like a real bad deal.

And. "But, but, but Feel Better Inside." is not an argument I care to hear.

Comment Re:I will believe ... (Score 1, Flamebait) 216

I believe that Google already has craploads of servers local to their customers. That is how they work. They have servers in America for ... Americans. They have them in Europe and many other places as well.

Only a fucking third world shithead pretending to be second world thinks America has no place in the world. Fuck off and go live in North Korea.

Comment Re:And never pushed: not profitable. (Score 1) 400

And for corn used in prepared foods, it's impossible to get anything that is demonstrably without round-up ready corn in it

Sure you can. Single source farm that is certified. More expensive and takes effort but it can be done. As an expensive feel good product it would be profitable as well.

Comment Re:Sounds promising (Score 2) 362

With 40 more months of Obama we all know that Taiwan is already gone. I just hope that Obama can learn fast enough and well enough that Iran and North Korea do not go ape shit. I do not think Obama has been a good president. I did not vote for him either time.

I though do not want to see him fail here. All Americans need Obama to get better quickly and to not fail any further on foreign policy. He needs to step up and Be the leader of the free world. He choose it. Now he needs to step up and do it. He will not be removed from office so he needs to succeed here.

Comment Re:Works for me (Score 1) 607

Say whatever you want. It is my governments job to secure my freedoms from foreign intervention. It is your governments job to do so for you. Your lack of understanding is really cute. Do you go to your boss everyday and list out the things that happened yesterday that "Just were not Fair!"?

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