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Comment Re:Works for me (Score 1) 607

Say whatever you want. It is my governments job to secure my freedoms from foreign intervention. It is your governments job to do so for you. Your lack of understanding is really cute. Do you go to your boss everyday and list out the things that happened yesterday that "Just were not Fair!"?

Comment Re:Trayvon Martin can Life Forever (Score 1) 588

The black community has bit hit the hardest by this rhetoric. But as personal responsibility is replaced by "who do I blame?" in general every one will suffer. Not just minorities either. The thug life is glorified with the young of the white middle class not as well. Black communities have already been destroyed by it and it is coming to all communities. We can not do anything about it either. We will just be shouted down as racists as those that destroyed the minority communities push the same agenda upon society as a whole.

Comment Re:Trayvon Martin can Life Forever (Score 2) 588

Trayvon was let down.

He was let down by his parents for not raising him properly. He was let down by his communities lack morals. He was let down by societies glorification of "the Thug Life".

He never had a chance to become a decent man. Family, Community, Federal Government and the Press all conspired to turn him into a violent and irresponsible person who was taught to blame white males for every problem he saw.

Teaching of personal responsibility would have created a Trayvon that not only would have never died that night, but one that could have been a benefit to his community. We lose good black men and women everyday to the teachings of Jacksons and Sharptons.

It really was a shame that Trayvon had to die that night. A much bigger shame is all the other young black men that will die this year and next.

Comment Re:Works for me (Score 5, Insightful) 607

How about the NSA do its fucking job.

Spy on foreign governments and foreign citizens. They need to stay the fuck away from Citizens of the United States of America. Spying on Americans is what other governments are for.

The NSA is operating far outside of its charter. Put them straight.

Comment Re:Let us endeavour to create better encription (Score 1) 607

Hmm... I have a creeping feeling the NSA has already introduced a vulnerability into the rot13! If you click on encrypt twice the original contents are revealed!


Hit it a third time and we're all secure again! Quick!

ROT-13 has been cracked for years... I'd never use anything smaller than ROT-273 these days.

I use ROT-273 X2!

Comment Re: "Maybe?" (Score 1) 443

You can not fix stupid. You have to kill stupid to keep stupid from breeding.

Unfortunately one of the attributes of stupid is to breed early. Killing children is generally frowned upon.

Short answer is ... We are fucked.

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