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Comment Re:looks like copy paste fail (Score 1) 364

The GGGP of my previous post was stating that the inclusion of the VLC link was a mistake. The GGP called it Malice. Shitloads of craptastic DMCA takedowns may very well be malice. (IMHO it is.) The accidental inclusion of the VLC link though was not malice. It was just the result of not spending good money to make sure that did not happen. There is zero benefit to the issuing of a takedown on the VLC link. It will not be removed. Even for a minute. That link was there because it slipped through the cracks of the cheapest way to get as much of "Their" content taken down as possible. Not Malice.

Comment Re:Sure. That will work. (Score 1) 275

.com is not useless. You can teach people to do smart things like look at what comes just before the .com to ID the site. BofA.randomdomain.com looks much different than BofA.com Once everyone has a .com and a .whatever things will get more difficult for the idiots on the internet. Since they will not take my advice and refuse internet access to all idiots that means they will get infected and send spam. They also will cry and have many new laws to protect them. Which will take away my freedoms so that they can continue on their ignorant paths of oblivion. Fuck ICANN. Fuck the UN.

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