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Comment Re:Sure. That will work. (Score 1) 275

.com is not useless. You can teach people to do smart things like look at what comes just before the .com to ID the site. looks much different than Once everyone has a .com and a .whatever things will get more difficult for the idiots on the internet. Since they will not take my advice and refuse internet access to all idiots that means they will get infected and send spam. They also will cry and have many new laws to protect them. Which will take away my freedoms so that they can continue on their ignorant paths of oblivion. Fuck ICANN. Fuck the UN.

Comment Re:Sure. That will work. (Score 1) 275

Can you explain your point? ICANN just is responsible for TLDs and Address Ranges, not Internet Policy.

Sure. ICANN is currently fucking up everything they control. The UN is currently fucking up everything they control. Adding the UN to the internet equation has no fucking chance in hell of being anything less than a horrible mistake. There are two types of people who want this. Those that will get jobs at the UN controlling everyone's lives and stupid people with no ability to learn and lots of education.

Comment Re:So happy (Score 0) 365

Cool. So. when we have real data that actually shows the warming they predicted we can talk about it. Till then you guys can just change the name. How about you call it "Global Climate Change"? Then you can keep telling us how the climate is different and you can not get pinned down on petty things like Numbers or Trends. Wait. They already did that.

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