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Comment Re:Marketing and user experience (Score 1) 373

I'm writing this from an HTC incredible S, and it definitely has touch to focus, along with HTC sense interface, software updates to gingerbread although it was released with froyo, very speedy interface/apps, two very quick cameras, an almost identical design to an iphone with the exception of the removable battery, all the benefits of android, none of the drawbacks of ios, an unprecendented amount of available apps via a small checkbox that allows me to install 3rd party apps, and it costs the same as an iphone 4s.

Comment Re:This is ridiculous! (Score 1) 289

I would think that calling dumbing-down "retarding down" is incredibly insensitive. I'm not sure why you'd even suggest that. Not that "dumbing down" is any better really, as the word dumb originally referred to someone who is mute. But at least nobody refers to a mute person as "dumb" anymore (at least nobody under 60). And yes, I realize that the ageism in my last parenthesis is just as offensive as what I'm railing against. Have a nice day ;-)

Comment Re:Well, that's one way to advertise.... (Score 1) 548

So, you "plan to have neither", which infers a change from a current situation in which you apparently do not have neither. So that implies you were using "or" exclusively and we are led to the conclusion you have both? (congratulations, so do I)

Actually, what the OP said "implies" an idea. You "inferred" that idea. So perhaps you meant to say "...from which I infer a change", or "...which implies a change".

I Hate to be a grammar Nazi, but you started it ;-).

Comment Re:Ubuntu Vista defies expectations (Score 1) 236

Precisely! My favourite rant about Unity is people complaining that it's not as customisable as gnome2/docky, etc. My question to those people is: if you're using docky and customizing gnome, why are you complaining about the DEFAULT desktop in Ubuntu. If you know how to install/configure docky, and how to configure/remove gnome panels, you should probably find it no problem to switch from unity back to gnome2. It's literally a 1 minute change. And I AM one of those people who like to customize (I have 6 household computers; two mediacenter PCs run custom compiz with no gnome panels, two laptops run fluxbox with nomachine clients, one audio computer runs classic gnome, and only my one main development machine runs stock ubuntu). Why would I complain about the fact that the default isn't MY default? Because that would be DUMB!!!! The reasons Ubuntu rules the desktop linux world are: 1) it just works 2) software center/apt kicks ass. 3) available software via official repos/ppas is unbeatable 4) I CAN customize. If the DEFAULT DE/WM make you feel like switching to a different distro, fine, but don't think for one second that your user experience will ever get easier by going that route.

Comment Re:Regarding the signature, not the comment (Score 1) 441

hear, hear! As a theologist with no specific religion (I would hesitate to even call myself agnostic), I find it ludicrous that people can be evangelical about atheism while judging others for being theists of any kind. The enlightenment was over ages ago. Anyone claiming to be an atheist now is just as confused and dogmatic as their predecessors, with the added burden of being self-indoctrinated.

Comment Re:One right here! (Score 1) 441

true fact. People often think that a regular release is the equivalent of a regular windows/osx release, which is a fallacy. The LTS releases are the ones we ought to base our opinions on (especially since before ubuntu, nobody did a 6 month release cycle). But, I must conceed, that is Ubuntu's fault alone. They would do well to call their LTS's "regular" releases, and all the in-betweens "alpha", "beta", and "RC" respectively. OTOH, they wouldn't get as much user testing that way, and hence, their LTS releases would not be as stable.

Comment Re:One right here! (Score 1) 441

'things like the sometimes-unified-global-menu are frankly infuriating' The global menus work with kde and gnome apps, as well as firefox. The only one not installed by default is libreoffice's menubar. You can get it in the repos, it's called lo-menubar, and will probably be default in 11.10 as it works just fine right now and will probably be bug free by then.

Comment Re:unity only half sucks (Score 1) 441

'Basically, the only thing that sucks about unity is the unity desktop itself. The only thing from there I miss is the text search/launcher. If that didn't take up the whole desktop it would be much better.' What?! your desktop is unity, but less polished. I like the fact that you thought of the same things as the unity developers, but what, exactly, are the advantages of your setup?

Comment Re:Why upgrade? (Score 1) 266

Are you using Virtualbox 4.0? It was just released recently and you need it. Get it from Oracle's site, install, and make sure that the checkbox for "3d acceleration" is checked on your VM setup. Then it should work (provided you have the guest additions up to date. As a caveat, you have to be able to do 3d acceleration on your host machine for this to work. Enjoy!

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