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Comment Re:Please specify this legitimate way (Score 1) 309

What's the legitimate way to obtain a copy of the film Song of the South or the animated television series Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea?

The legitimate way was to have bought a copy when they were available. I'm not saying I agree with the current length of copyright, but if I start to sell copies of an artistic work, and then stop doing so, that's my prerogative. This would be the case even if copyright only lasted a day.

Comment Re:Linux on Mac?! (Score 1) 780

X11 may not be the default windowing system for OSX, but it's been available since OSX's inception. Also, Darwin is not FreeBSD, even though it is based on it. You need to compile everything from source to make it work (this is the definition of non-trivial). And lastly (albeit most importantly), Apple hardware is comparably priced with anything from Dell, HP, or Lenovo (check it out). That being said, if the author wanted a retina display for whatever reason, he needed to buy a MBP. The other manufacturers you name don't offer products with this high resolution. My first laptop was an ibook G4 which I bought second-hand, just to see what the fuss was about. Although I had the same opinion of OSX at that time, I was wrong. It took me about a year before I jettisoned OSX in favour of Debian (and later Ubuntu, when it worked well enough). The hardware, though, was fantastic. I've since owned several laptops and none have outlasted that old ibook, which is still in use (it's our kitchen computer now).
The Gimp

Submission + - Dream Studio 12.04 released; includes GIMP 2.8 by default. (

macinnisrr writes: "I'm proud to announce the release of Dream Studio 12.04. This new version features many updates including GIMP 2.8, an Ubuntu 12.04 base, a new default wallpaper, and a handy introduction slideshow for new users. Dream Studio uses a lowlatency-pae linux kernel, supporting both x86 and amd64 systems with up to 64GB of RAM.

Have a great weekend!
Dick MacInnis"

Comment Re:Um (Score 1) 399

That's exactly what my wife and I did, but we only mailed the dvds to older people. Everyone we felt was comfortable using the internet got a link to our custom website which featured the video on the front page and all other info in the primary menu. It was hosted at, but there's still an archive of it at

Comment Re:Marketing and user experience (Score 1) 373

I'm writing this from an HTC incredible S, and it definitely has touch to focus, along with HTC sense interface, software updates to gingerbread although it was released with froyo, very speedy interface/apps, two very quick cameras, an almost identical design to an iphone with the exception of the removable battery, all the benefits of android, none of the drawbacks of ios, an unprecendented amount of available apps via a small checkbox that allows me to install 3rd party apps, and it costs the same as an iphone 4s.

Comment Re:This is ridiculous! (Score 1) 289

I would think that calling dumbing-down "retarding down" is incredibly insensitive. I'm not sure why you'd even suggest that. Not that "dumbing down" is any better really, as the word dumb originally referred to someone who is mute. But at least nobody refers to a mute person as "dumb" anymore (at least nobody under 60). And yes, I realize that the ageism in my last parenthesis is just as offensive as what I'm railing against. Have a nice day ;-)

Comment Re:Well, that's one way to advertise.... (Score 1) 548

So, you "plan to have neither", which infers a change from a current situation in which you apparently do not have neither. So that implies you were using "or" exclusively and we are led to the conclusion you have both? (congratulations, so do I)

Actually, what the OP said "implies" an idea. You "inferred" that idea. So perhaps you meant to say "...from which I infer a change", or "...which implies a change".

I Hate to be a grammar Nazi, but you started it ;-).

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