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Comment Re:Sometimes (Score 1) 8

I have noticed that if I use Google chrome, I can usually view moderations, while now in Firefox I can pretty well never view them. I tried looking at the same comment as either "http" or "https" in firefox and that made no difference (not that I really expected that to, but I wanted to try it).

Comment Re:An important bit missing, too (Score 1) 18

Is that a difference that makes any difference?

Yes, it does make a difference. Not everyone is so exceptionally partisan that they will search for an excuse to start impeachment at every opportunity they come across. Not everyone is so exceptionally partisan to see Benghazi as having anywhere remotely enough significance to merit consideration of an impeachment hearing.

What would be the point of JSM3 bleating in public if the "I" word wasn't in the back of his mind?

Just because he doesn't feel all the information is out does not mean that he feels it could warrant impeachment. To point out only one example from the previous administration plenty of people felt that the explanation from GWB about 9/11 was not sufficient, though pretty well nobody dared to suggest that his crappy explanation was hiding an impeachable offense.

I mean, you can squeeze a couple more news cycles of budget crisis avoidance out of Benghazi, but that's about the only benefit I can see.

Weren't you making exactly the opposite argument of that not too long ago?

Comment An important bit missing, too (Score 1) 18

There is an important difference between JSM3's maverick-y comments and your regurgitation of Benghazi paranoia. Namely, JSM3 has not yet to the best of my knowledge claimed that Benghazi is somehow worthy of impeachment. Hence if you are trying to claim that you and he are on the same wavelength, you cannot support such a claim. However you haven't let the absence of fact or reason slow down your witchhunt prior to now, so I wouldn't expect that to change.

Journal Journal: Are Other People Seeing This Slashdot Bug Too? 8

I can't seem to pull up comment moderation numbers for a comment anymore. My cursor changes when I hover over the score, but when I click, nothing happens. It doesn't seem to matter who wrote the comment or what the score is, either.

Comment Re:Taco? (Score 1) 108

Though we will probably see more of him as a contributor as you cant spend all your life consuming drugs and hookers

I highly doubt he made enough money from the sale of slashdot to afford drugs or hookers - or at least, not decent examples of either. In fact he may want to look into selling some of the former (though hopefully none of the latter) if he wants to make some money while he's still young; I doubt there are many other companies who want to hire someone to constantly write about facebook.

Comment Side effect of the reduced cost of cpu power (Score 1) 349

While of course bot masters pay essentially nothing for their CPU power, someone has to buy the systems that become zombies for the botnets. As those systems get faster, the things that a botnet master can do expands. For what it's worth I haven't seen an ssh-based attempt on my system in over a month - and the most recent one was only a few hundred attempts from one IP address that maps to Missouri - but I have seen distributed attempts on my system in the past that have made thousands of attempts at the root password (futile when root is disabled, which they would know if they read the ssh greeting) as well as distributed whitepages attacks going for common user names with easy/non-existent passwords.

If ISPs would actually start to take action against the users whose systems make up the botnets, we would see this activity reduced. However it is more profitable for the ISPs to not do so.

Comment Have you tried splinting your 3rd/4th fingers? (Score 1) 165

There might be an obvious reason not to do this, but considering how few keys are typed by the right pinky you might be able to get away with this. It would also have the advantage of being able to easily use other keyboards that you may come across in your regular existence.

Comment Harrison Ford back as ... (Score 1) 329

Han Solo, or Han Solo's dad? It has been quite a while since he was in a Star Wars film, and he isn't really readily recognizable as Han Solo any more. It might be easier to find a younger (or younger-looking) actor to take the role if you want it to make sense and not be a tale of Han Solo's retirement.

Comment What is the required frequency for the blog posts? (Score 1) 605

If they are required to write a blog post every day, then I would expect that the writing quality would be allowed to slide as the lion's share of the students have other courses running concurrently; likewise if they are told something like "respond to this news story in the first 24 hours". However if they are given more time then they should be able to write better quality posts if the quality is suppoed to be part of the project. If instead the point is just to run some blogging software and see how it responds under conditions of X, Y, Z, then the quality of the writing itself might not be as important as its frequency and volume.

Comment Re:What is Steam and why do we care? (Score 1, Informative) 313

Is it like iTunes for FPS games?

Pretty much, yes. Specifically games that people who are hard core into FPS consider to be "vintage" or "classic" - even though said games are many years younger than Wolfenstein, Doom, or even Quake. People who are big fans of it see it as a great gift to be able to buy Half-Life for $8 even though they bought it for $40 the first time, then bought the first special edition of it the year after for another $40, and the uber-mega-titanium-coated-diamond-edition of it the third year for another $60.

For the most part, it is a way for a company to extract a little more money from a large number of gamers who like to keep buying the same thing repeatedly.

And yes, I know I will be lucky to not be moderated down for this. Bombs away.

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