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Comment Re:I don't know about slashcode (Score 1) 7

Odd that you mention slashcode. I remember someone else brought it up in a discussion I was in a few weeks back, and I pointed out that the latest slashcode is at least three years old

. Hell, not only is it old but the last comment on it was from a friend of yours who has not worked for slashdot for some time.

While I for one don't really care if they ever release a newer version of it, I do think it would be interesting to know how much of the available slashcode is still used to run this site.

Comment Re:It must be time for a new non-troversy by now (Score 1) 16

Do you find erotic relief in the word 'impeachment'?

No, I just thought I'd see what your latest favorite conspiracy theory was. Even if I used it in every conversation I have with you between now and the end of time I still wouldn't be able to raise it as many times against Obama as you have.

That said I am impressed that you are still beating this dead horsefly. I really expected you would have abandoned it before now and moved on to some other fabulous allegation you could provide no factual support to.

Asking for a friend.

Sure. Sure, you are.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Slashdot's "new" mobile site also sucks epically 7

A week or so ago there was a front page story here bragging about the "new" mobile site on slashdot. I was interested to see this as before they had pretty well abandoned development for mobile devices. I know of their abandonment based on a time when I wrote former site manager Rob Malda and he told me that they would not be developing for mobile devices.

Comment Re:Can you replace your whole system for that pric (Score 1) 380

From reading the article it seems the poster's son is interested in stuff like this and likes running a Minecraft - server, so it would be a hobby for him and therefore any time spent on recovering from losses would still be within the limits of an educational hobby.

Sure, but what is not clear is how much of the poster's time would be consumed by this. Is the son capable of managing this on his own (the abstract suggests the answer may be no)? If the dad has to put time into this then you need to estimate what his time is worth - in particular the opportunity cost of him not being available to do other fatherly stuff.

Comment Can you replace your whole system for that price? (Score 4, Interesting) 380

Sure, you can replace a PS or HD for less than the annual savings, but what if something bigger than that goes out? You are also ignoring the value of your time, as you would put a fair bit of time in to recovering from either of those losses.

That said, I run my own home server, but it's not something I do to save money. I run my own server because it allows me to configure it exactly how I want it configured and I know exactly how it is managed.

Comment Banking passwords are overrated (Score 4, Interesting) 195

It puzzles me when I see that people work really hard to come up with difficult passwords for their bank accounts, but not for their personal accounts on their own computers. They really need to think about what value those passwords have to other people - in particular what could someone else do with those passwords if they had them?

I have used a fair number of different banks over the past couple decades and seen a lot of different online banking systems. Not once have I seen one where you could actually use the online system to arbitrarily move money outside the account owner's accounts. I have seen some where you can set up bill payments, but that was a chore and would not be useful for trying to pull money out quickly. Most online banking systems intentionally do not even give full account or routing numbers to logged in users, and I've never seen one give out SSN or DOB either.

On the other hand, people keep a lot of personal information on their PCs. If you can get their personal user names and passwords you could get a lot more useful information on them. A lot of users likely have their SSN and DOB in their browser cache somewhere, and almost everyone has their address somewhere in there.

Comment Re:He's not quite so level-headed (Score 1) 19

I could have been more verbose on that comment. I was thinking not only of cases where a gun owner accidentally shoots someone from their own stupidity but also cases where an irresponsible gun owner leaves their gun sitting out and someone else gets ahold of it and injures or kills someone. I may sound like a broken record on the matter but a key example of this is the heavily-spun "Wii suicide" from a few years ago. That was clearly a case of an atrociously irresponsible gun owner but in the rush to defend the idiot, conservatives proceeded to blame the Wii controller.

Comment Re:He's not quite so level-headed (Score 1) 19

I see young blacks throwing around the word "nigga" as a good thing.

Whether you believe it or not some claim that when they use it themselves they "take ownership" of the word and make it to mean something positive. In a way it's almost like when Jewish people use the term "Jew" to refer to themselves or other Jewish people. While "Jew" can be used in a derogatory way it can also just be a way for people of that set to identify others of the same set.

Comment Re:He's not quite so level-headed (Score 1) 19

As I said before, I agree with the NRA on pretty much nothing. They are indeed just a massive lobbying group for the GOP at present. As far as firearm ownership goes I would say the biggest problem i have with them is that they don't do jack shit to actually encourage responsibility in ownership. If they were honestly interested in personal responsibility they would favor a national database to track every single gun sold from this point forward without exception. If they were honestly interested in personal responsibility they would make examples out of irresponsible idiots who accidentally kill themselves or others by way of stupidity. If they were honestly interested in personal responsibility they would also acknoweldge that some people feel safer without guns and that gun owners should not encroach on peoples' freedoms to make such choices.

Instead they repeatedly go against such things. The NRA is as interested in safety and responsibility as much as McDonald's and WalMart are interested in preventing obesity and diabetes. And just like McDonald's and WalMart, the NRA has a product to sell and as long as said product is viable and profitable they will keep selling it and damn the consequences.

Comment Re:He's not quite so level-headed (Score 1) 19

He should have seen a shrink about this I think.

That is (at least) half the problem as I see it. While mental health problems don't tend to just show up instantaneously, his issues likely became worse at the time when he had the least access to help - after losing his job.

Whie I generally agree with the NRA on almost nothing, I do agree with them that we need to deal with mental health problems in our country. Of course, they are too cowardly to actually propose a way to do anything as they are in bed with the GOP and hence cannot suggest anything that is counter-conservative. I will state - as I have in the past - that we need to reform our health care system in a meaningful way. We passed a massive bailout a few years ago for the health insurance industry when we needed to do something about accessibility of care.

People who lose their jobs or cannot find full-time work still fall through the cracks. Even worse as a nation we still degrade people who seek help for mental health issues. We cannot continue to oppress the working class indefinitely without expecting to see a response.

Comment Google is only a company (Score 1) 450

You could host the video somewhere else, you know. Google deciding not to host it on their services does not in any way prevent you from hosting it somehwere else - or hosting it yourself. If it is not your video, you don't have to work too hrad to find out who posted it and contact them directly for it so you can host it somewhere for them.

No Wi-Fi Around Huge Radio Telescope 224

JG0LD writes "Students at a tiny Appalachian public school can't use Wi-Fi because any such network can throw the radio equivalent of a monkey wrench into a gigantic super-sensitive radio telescope just up the road. GBT's extraordinary sensitivity means that it's very susceptible to human-generated radio interference, according to site interference protection engineer Carla Beaudet. 'If there was no dirt between us and the transmitter, a typical access point ... would have to be on the order of 1,000,000 km [more than 620,000 miles, or about two and a half times the distance from the Earth to the Moon] distant to not interfere. Fortunately, we have mountains around us which provide lots of attenuation, so we're not seeing everything from everywhere,' she said. A standard Wi-Fi access point would wipe out a significant range of usable frequencies for the observatory. 'It simply ruins the spectrum for observations from 2400-2483.5MHz and from 5725-5875MHz for observational purposes,' wrote Beaudet."

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