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Comment Re:Blame the victim much (Score 1) 848

The only thing that does matter is the outcome of laws. And right now, the outcome of Stand Your Ground Laws is that if you're ever in a confrontation with no witnesses (or very pliable witnesses), make sure to kill whoever is confronting you.That can't possibly work long term.

Objectively, that's just common sense. If you're ever in the position where you're seriously hurting someone or fighting for your life against an intruder or attacker, you're best off to finish the job, so to speak, so there is no witness/victim to contradict your lies, or to supply lies of their own. This outcome has nothing to do with stand your ground laws.

Comment Re:Easy solution french media (Score 1) 419

There's ALWAYS pressure on the household budget. This is not unique to any particular time in history or geographic region. Fact is we've been compromising our principles (supporting free speech and independent media) for a perceived short term gain. This is classic slippery slope. Doing the right thing is always hard. This is entropy in action. Consistently doing the right thing, or taking the easy way out, has a compounding effect over time that gets more difficult to reverse. But the default is the easy way out, because it requires no thought, no action and no effort. The flip side of other people doing things for you "for free" is that they're not free at all; their agenda takes over, and you get consideration for table scraps.

Comment Microsoft getting it right? (Score 2) 398

If Microsoft do this right, it’s going to be game changing – and right now, Google doesn’t have an answer for it, that I can see.

Microsoft doesn't have to do anything right. In fact they don't have to do anything at all, just wait, until technology miniaturizes enough that you can run desktop business apps in a tablet or phone hardware format. The portable device space has been all about device and feature consolidation, and I don't expect that trend to suddenly reverse because Google excluded Microsoft from some list they made up.

Comment Re:Building Is Cheap, Repairs Are Expensive (Score 1) 244

That's BS. Cars today can be way lighter than decades ago, except for all the safety gear that has to be put in (and yes comfort, such as AC and power everything). A friend of mine built a kit car recently. Virtually no creature comforts to speak of. The required safety systems and mechanics and buffers that have to be put in by law comprised a significant percentage of total weight.

Comment Re:Anecdotal argument against dense (Score 1) 244

Alas, north Americans really do not know how to live in apartments. Mostly, apartment dwellers are regarded as second class citizens. When the common wisdom tells everyone the road to middle-class wealth and financial freedom is through house ownership, people will buy the biggest one they can afford, with the highest leverage they can get away with. Apartment dwellers are regarded as those who do not have such drive and ambition, ie, they are lesser humans.

I would love to find a nice, small, comfortable, upscale apartment in the city, that has such 21st century luxuries like sound insulation, laundry, and common area cleaning services, and is inhabited by people who are socialized and civilized. But, monster houses are for people with money, apartments are for people who have none. The quality of the accommodations reflect that.

High gas prices aren't gonna fix anything, unless they double or triple.

Comment Re:Government roads (Score 1) 244

The user-pay model costs the same as publicly funded. It's just that you're A) no longer being subsidized and B) pay the full cost up front.

For things which only a section of the population is doing, public pay system spreads the cost over the entire population, subsidizing those who use it.

For things which nearly everyone needs, there is no subsidy, but you're paying the full cost up front, instead of spread out over, say 3 years (ex license renewal).

You can't say you're paying more for things, unless you account for all factors. And if you ARE objectively paying more, then your activities were previously subsidized by the rest of the population.

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